Envy is bad, unless you read the dictionary

a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.
“she felt a twinge of envy for the people on board”
synonyms: jealousy, covetousness; More
a person or thing that inspires envy.
“their national health service is the envy of many in Europe”
synonyms: finest, best, pride, top, cream, jewel, flower, leading light, the crème de la crème More
verb: envy; 3rd person present: envies; past tense: envied; past participle: envied; gerund or present participle: envying
desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else)

This definition is complete horseshit, what good is a dictionary anyway?

Envy is a horrible thing, the erroneous coveting of something someone else has it should say, it isn’t just anything at anytime at all that one wants that makes him/her envious, that is what this dictionary says though.

Envy is also that which one wants that someone else has, errouneously of course, and it can cause harm to the situation.

The way this dictionary talks about it a child could have leukimia at twelve years old and still be envious of those kids that have their health, this is a horrible definition of envy and jealousy and it doesn’t make any sense.

A starving person who has no business starving in anyway is entirely incapable of envying those with good food.

This is envy, if one has more money than he could ever spends, his health, plenty of healthy food and drink, but he still wants that yacht that the other guy has for some stupid reason, he could become resentful as well and try and sabotage the other guy because of his ■■■■■■■■ feelings.

Envy may also cause you to treat someone like ■■■■ because someone else is treating them better than you, you erroneously blame the one recieving the better treatment instead of the one doing the treating.

See, this is what i do, it’s fun, and if i am to live eternally then i really should learn these things.

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it still looks bad to me.

The way they put it it just isn’t a bad thing at all.

Of course if someone else is luckier then you will want that, there just wouldn’t be a problem with that at all, that is unfair.

But envy is much more problematic than these lacking definitions.

Like a person born with two heads, they are not envious of those born healthy, they want what others have but this isn’t envy whatsoever, we’d be foolish and downright cruel to say so as well.

Envy is an erroneous desire/coveting of something someone else has and can lead to harm, if a starving man watches me eat my dinner and wants to eat to he is just not being envious.

The way they put it it is anything at anytime but it is not, envy is much worse than these definitions.

It can be bad but en the v is good it the bonds or self to are places in scocity

No, envy is not a good thing at all.

Like i have a guitar, i don’t really write songs or anything and don’t want to, it’s just a hobby for me really. My guitar is plenty, more than what i need really. If i wanted someone else’s guitar just because it cost more and was better than mine and i began to treat them like ■■■■ because of it then that is envy, it’s erroneous, i’ve already got what i need.

But if i really wanted to learn guitar and this awful world ■■■■■■ me out of getting one because of the way it works i wouldn’t be envious of those having fun with music.

Envy is never without negativity.

There was this kid we used to play hockey with, he sucked, his genetics ■■■■■■ him over completely, he simply was not given what he needed to enjoy a good game at all, some of us got lucky and had good bodies for it, i could never call this kid jealous or envious of us and id be an ■■■■■■■ if i tried.

There is either a really huge difference or i have gone completely insane, both i suppose.