A Poem: Percentage

What percentage of what I "want"
Is just dictated by envy?
They’ve all got it ,
so I want it.


They love so I love. If the love is real it is a good thing to want what someone else has.

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@Everhopeful don’t forget envy is a capital sin, whatever the percentage!

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I am not sure if I have been envious. Maybe losing weight :slight_smile:
In my culture, it is called the ‘good jealousy’ which is harmless but you strive to be good like the other too :smile:
without harming anybody :smiley:


If I do envy anybody, it would be someone who is very content in their relationship (which does not exist) or is very healthy/fit body like Kayla Itsines. Not sure about material things.

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i like counting

What makes you so sure ? A lot of relationships look very accomplished to me…

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yeah but not more than mine :smiley: I have not seen any which are ideal

Well, growing up with Disney movies makes us believe in fairy tales… in real life it takes effort, acceptance, compromise…

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