Enough is enough, I have had it!

Reaseach on sz when to stop :raised_hand:
For People with sz ?

Something I’d like to know myself!

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True, my doc said to me in a different language, lesser you know it will bring an end to my world,
So i am bit shaken on this.

I get scared that the more on sz I learn, the more I’ll see symptoms where there weren’t any, that I’d fake my sza

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Myself i like knowing a bit What makes people psychotic, i read a book, studies, etc.
Not too much of it though.

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I feel this is a great opportunity here, especially the do’s and dont’s of being sz. Unfortunately not sure, as delusions are always a new story. But you will know it after mutiple attempts to resist.
I felt talking here is like being on AP adjusting at first till it settles.