Anyone want to chat?

I am up super early again and need someone to talk to

Hey man, how are you feeling today?

How are things going in England?

It’s just shy of 10 pm here. Can’t decide if I want to go to bed tonight or if it’s just not worth it.

Not too bad. You?

I am only allowed to take up to 20mg Diazepam PRN per day, and because I am up so early I don’t want to take any yet in case I need it later.

England is under a partial lockdown due to Covid-19. I am still allowed to go outside though as I cannot work from home as I am a Landscaper.

How are things where you are?

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What will you do to keep busy if you decide to stay up?

No idea. I used to go to McDonald’s and wander the 24 hour grocery store. But those are out. Probably just play on the internet all night and take a bath or two.

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I’m doing okay.

A lot of the states here in the U.S. are doing the same, lockdown.

My state is one of them, and it’s driving me a little crazy haha.

But a lot of America is pretty crazy at the moment. A lot of panic and paranoia.

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