End of disability payments?


So there is talk in some financial websites/blogs at possibly a cut or even the end of disability. Predictions stem around 2018 when many of the boomers will be retiring. Anybody else planning for this?
I’m working on getting another income thru some sort of work. Also come to find out if your working full time you can keep your Medicare for 500.00 a month! That is if its still an option for chronically ill people.


Man that would suck. I don’t know what to do being ill and all. I just had to quit a job because I could handle it with my symptoms it was just super stressful. I think I have recovered a bit the voices are sorta leaving me alone like I’ve finally figured how to get my head on straight. Still some ■■■■■■■■ these telepaths put me through almost every second of every day unless I’m alone. I wouldn’t have any money if it weren’t for disability.


I try not to worry about it. My mom always says things have a way of working out. I am getting my house organized so I can be out of there in 1 hour if I need to be. It would really help if I had a car though.


the republicans win a presidency and we might just see that happen. I hope not. I would hate to be homeless.


Well, i suppose hanging isn’t so bad.

It will be over in a jif.


i’m in australia and have always worked but the last year got disability…in australia disabilty will continue…but i am sure the payments will decrease to a certain extent…and they are definitly making it harder to get disability.
but i would not worry about it.
take care :alien:


The repubs (and some wealthy dems) are always looking for new ways to get cheap labor. Most of our SSd money is going to the landlord, doctors and insurance companies… I.e. People who already have a lot of money. I doubt they would eliminate disability since it would actually hurt a lot of their wealthy constituents pretty directly.


Yeah it seems unlikely I don’t know how many people are on disability but that is basically forcing them all to the streets I don’t think anyone really wants that.


I don’t know… I have doubts about some people in my own family. Some of them seem to have sold their souls.


If we keep voting responsibly (for Democrats who will fight for us), we will have a chance of keeping our income. It is a very stable and fraud-proof system that we own. Social Security is our money. Everyone who gets Social Security has paid into it enough to qualify. My student jobs, summer jobs, and minimum way jobs allowed me to pay enough in. I am lucky that I could work for so long. If you ever have the choice choose to work, so you can pay into Social Security.


I know that a lot of Republicans are talking about overhauling/eliminating Social Security - if this ever happened, there would be a Revolution of sorts.

Many Republicans would be run out of office - the people would not tolerate this.
It’s just talk, no action would come out of it


What I’m hearing is that a lot of southerners are “hard working” and don’t want to give away “their money” to those who aren’t “hard working.” It is highly possible, because a lot of folks don’t understand that they are really democrats. The big Republican Abortion swindle picks up a lot of people. They tell you everyone is getting abortions (killing babies), and sweep under the rug the fact that back door abortions can kill 2 people (both child and mother).




You may be interested in what retired psychiatrist Phil Long has to say about where the economy is going and what it means for folks with mental illness.



Sorry for the short reply but just want to say its going to be ok.


Someone in this thread made a great point by illustrating that most of the disability monies get fed back into “the system” of treating already disabled people. It would be extremely short-sighted for the powers that be kill off SSI/SSDI.



Or you could look at reports by todays “economists”. That guy is a Fraud who’s articles are based on his own subjective paranoid ideations. Don’t worry Lagoon, it’s a long way down the road.


Perhaps one fine day.

But not in this life it’s not going to be okay.


I’m really afraid of this. I have tried working and failed. It took me two years to get my disability. And it’s still not enough to live on my own. I don’t know what I would do without it.


Don’t worry with it :smile: