Is This A support Forum

Please file under Unusual Beliefs.

This is a support forum. What we do not do is support delusions.

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Why would thinking ‘voices’ are a form of harassment be a bother to your website.

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My suggestion is you read this forums guidelines again, so you understand fully the purpose of this site. If you don’t follow the rules, your threads will be locked. We fully support you, as long as you need, but I’m not going to support your delusions. The long standing members here are very supportive and give very good advice.


@JamesF you are triggering others who have had similar delusions. I get that you feel like everyone here is your enemy when they say those are delusions and that you then make them a part of those delusions. But no one here has any interest is harming you or other people with sz. We all have similar illnesses. But we’re trying to make this a place that will help people recover from psychosis, not encourage each other’s psychotic beliefs. This is a very dangerous thing. So people are not actually against you, they’re just trying to protect others from triggering delusions, such as the one you mentioned and wanted support for.


Because voices are not harassment. It’s a delusional belief created by schizophrenic people that do not want to admit they are ill.

It harms our members to be exposed to such things. It is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. We don’t allow any of that. We protect our members from harmful thinking as much as possible.

I suggest you read up on schizophrenia and learn more about the illness. Then accept your diagnosos, if you have one, and follow through with proper treatment.


The rules and guidelines can be found here

Auditory hallucinations, as well as other sorts of hallucinations, are an inherent violation of whomever has them.

“Harassment” seems accurate.

Someone intruding upon you, refusing to leave or shut up, doesn’t seem like harassment to you?

Auditory hallucinations are often exactly like this.

I see no harm in discussing this.

Harassment indicates some other, flesh and bone person is responsible for your suffering. It is a natural response to some kinds of hallucinations to assume that, but it reinforces a disturbed way of thinking and prevents recovery. There are whole communities on the internet dedicated to developing conspiracy theories about this and reinforcing those symptoms in oneself and others. It is very unhealthy. It’s not a problem to talk about how the voices are talking in a harassing way to you, but it is a problem to suggest to other people that those voices are not a symptom of an illness but caused by malevolent, telepathic people out there in the physical world.


I think it’s common to say you are being harassed by voices, but the problem seems to be saying they are external. So I guess closing your post is a negative sanction to help you understand what you are doing/ thinking is wrong.


Thank you for sharing your pro meds ideological theory.

@anon9798425 covered it perfectly.


You won’t do well here if this is your mindset.


I’m pro meds as a treatment option. I was on them for a long time and now I have successfully quit and I’m free of symptoms. Most people will need them, especially in acute periods of the illness.

Meds are not evil, but it is generally your choice if you want to use them.

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You don’t have to be pro-meds to take meds either, if you feel if people are too ideological about it. I eat food without being a foodie, and I take meds without being too pro-med. Try some meds but still keep a balance of factual arguments for and against them.

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I feel like people who say they are anti med have not actually tried any meds in their life. I’m just like don’t diss anything until you’ve actually tried it. And if you are delusional and paranoid, obviously whatever life choices you are currently making isn’t working and maybe you should try something else so that you can be functional and happy with your life.