Employment and the associated impact on quality of life in people diagnosed with schizophrenia

The most frequently reported factors associated with employment were negative and cognitive symptoms (the worse they are, the lower the employment rate), age of onset (earlier onset, lower employment rate), and duration and course of the disease (longer duration, worse course - lower employment rate).

Individual characteristics associated with unemployment were older age, lower education, and sex (female). Additionally, environmental factors, eg, the availability of welfare benefits and vocational support programs, seemed to play a role.

Generally, being employed was positively associated with HRQoL.



Man I really need to work. Just need to get over being overstimulated. I get overstimulated by space, sounds, movement, and bright lights. End up getting psychotic. I’m smart enough to work ( my iq is at least 110). I just really want to work and get off SSI. Man I really need to quit that damn caffeine. I probably can’t be a mathematician or maybe a programmer but I can definitely work at a store or do data entry. Just need to get rid of anxiety. Based on those brain training apps, I score between 60-70 percentile so I am better than 60-70 percent of people. I know I can do it. I just need to stop being lazy.

My economic situation is fine on SSi. I’m incredibly disciplined when it comes to my finances. Any more money than this is simply too much.

I’ve worked for almost 35 years. I first got sick when I was 19. I got my first job when I was 17 and between the ages of seventeen and nineteen I had about 15 different jobs, none lasting more than three months. At my first job after an 8 -month stay in the hospital when I was 23 I lasted 4 years. By the way, I have paranoid schizophrenia.