Lack of emotion/feeling

I rarely feel anything but numbness, I can’t feel love, I feel like a cold hearted person. I don’t empathy or care about anyone… Does that make me less of a human and more of a monster? I would like to think it’s all from the medicine but I’m sure it’s not all the medicine.

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For me it’s the disease

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@anon89143308 could be the disease or the suffering from it.

Probably the flatness. It is awful, but you are no less human. I doesn’t mean you are cold just indifferent in the moment. I get this way too and feel bad for not expressing excitement over things I should, but in the end, it isn’t us. You may bounce back soon too as it is often part of the diseae. Good luck.

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Those are negative symptoms; all schizophrenics have those symptoms.
Perhaps it can be useful for you if you check out next link which contains much information about yours doubts.

I am certain that anyone from this forum might share with you their experiences with negative symptoms.



I think they call that “having a flat affect”. I have it too. My emotions are all screwy.

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Negative symptoms. I have that too. But I do what is morally right. If I see someone fall on the ground, I go there to see if I can help. I don’t feel his or her pain but maybe I can do something. My logic and moral parts are intact. I know what is wrong and right. I know logically what I am supposed to do.

Like when my kids injure them selves. I know what to do, how to comfort them. But I don’t feel their pain. They don’t have to know that! I have not told my kids I feel nothing. We cuddle and hug a lot. They need it. But I am numb. I’ve become a great actor. I do it for them. They need to feel loved.