Emotional flatness

#mentalillness #Emotions Sometimes emotional flatness can be about avoiding intense and emotionally painful memories you find difficult to cope with.


I told my case worker that it bothers me that the only experiences I have where my emotions or feelings kick in is when I am anxious and paranoid

It’s not really that pleasant to deal with

Outside of that I feel nothing


I feel mostly flat a lot of the time. I still can laugh but not as much as i used to. Im lucky that i still have some emotion. But i usually always feel bored and complacent.

my family says im emotionless and feels that im just lazy

i dont really laugh or even smile unless im trying to fit in i fake it

i can fake an awesome smile which lessens the tension with my family

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I’m flat on Geodon. I actually laughed a couple of times last night which is nice. My Geodon was just lowered from 140mg to 80mg to alleviate side effects like my flat effect. I still have most of my side effects though.

I don’t think it’s about avoiding anything. When I’m flat, I’m just flat. There’s no conscious effort to be flat, and I don’t agree subconsciously I’m avoiding anything either. When I’m not flat, I’m not overly emotional either, even if I think on intense and painful memories.


I’m generally not flat-affected. If anything I get too excited. I’m SZA though and mood swings have been a thing for me since age 15.

For me it is just about feeling less alert. On 2.5mg abilify I just feel relatively sluggish and slowed down in the brain and body

Emotional flatness and lack of interest in things are some of the worst symptoms for me.

I had flat affect for a couple years in 2017-2018 then it just seemed to of dissipated. I had a fair amount of psychosis before that so im wondering if my brain was just a bit burnt from it