Election night feelings and symptoms

i’m scared of any election, but this one was really scary. I don’t agree with either of the major parties (that’s all i’m going to say about that) I felt paranoid this morning afraid of people fighting. my therapist didn’t want to talk about it much since she knows it makes me paranoid and scared of what the election night holds for our country.

I also heard voices telling me the election was fixed (this is just what the voices say I don’t agree with them America made her choice that’s how I feel about it)

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Honestly, I feel pretty flat. I just want to hibernate. I don’t want to answer the phone or the door or go to school or write my paper or do any of the things I need to be doing. I don’t want to read any analysis or post mortems. I haven’t gotten dressed, showered, eaten, brushed my teeth. The cats are fed, but that’s the end of it.

Hoping this is just for today, because it’s all a pretty big step backwards for me.


I’m terrified of what will happen with Trump as president. Judging on his past behaviors alone the idea of what could go wrong is mind blowing. I mean He couldn’t sensor himself during the election season, do you think he’s really going to be able to control himself as president? What will happen if some other country doesn’t do what he wants, or makes him angry? What could he do? What would happen if he says something to piss off another country? He was a harmless coot as a billionaire celebrity, but now he has the power of the American President…my God what’s going to happen to this country?

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I totally understand where you’re coming from I get too involved in politics and news and it upsets me. For the election though you need to remember that trump can’t just pass any laws he pleases, it has to go through the government first and they will no way let him do the crazy things he’s said! Presidents don’t actually have that much power. There probably won’t be much change. If you keep thinking like this and try to ignore all the scare mongering headlines it should hopefully help!! Personally I’m taking a break from news for a while after all this it’s been wearing me down


I wrote a villanelle about the elections. I felt embarrassed, when I heard the results. also; I’m probably not going to get money, for doing absolutely nothing, anymore. live on the streets.

I’m deflated. Huge republican sway is going to pass laws. like against abortion, cutting funding for public schools…the list goes on. I’m sick today. Physically ill from the shocking news that Trump won.


I’m excited, Trump will help make America great again.

If I go to a sporting event which I won’t. I would not stand for the national anthem

how so?


Hopefully he will get rid of our debt and bring our manufacturing jobs back for starters.

It’s scary how divided we are. Friends losing friends because one supported Hilary the other supports trump. My favorite musician is posting so much ■■■■ telling all her fans who didn’t vote for who she voted for they can ■■■■ off and don’t follow their page anymore and they don’t want fans that disagree with them. Half people think the world is over the other half is happy. Everyone is like fighting with each other. This is so triggering for me right now I’m not doing well at all…

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For starters he’ll get rid of all the waste in government, make the country safer and improve the economy.

It is not fixed. Hilary got more votes but Trump got them where they mattered more in the swing states. I have a hunch that Trump is not going to be as bad a people think. I think he will have 2 years to get things done and then lose the majority in the house and senate that allows him to pass bills easily. So I don’t think it will be as bad a people think. Even so it is better to take things one day at a time than always worry about the future.

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A person who asked “if we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?” is going to make our country safer?

Just making sure.


I’m with you Tomcat I have kids that I want to have a decent country to live in.

Friends with Russia and renegotiating the Iran deal, that will be a direction that will make the country safer.

Ease up guys or they will lock down this thread.

Both of which would not happen, should Trump overreact to a mean tweet.

I think being in an election and running the country are two different things. Trump is a business man so I’m sure his communication skills are probably adequate. Trump is not someone that wants to tell are enemies everything we are thinking and about to do. They don’t need to know what are limits are they need to not mess with us.

I’d be really very very anxious if I were in my 20s and 30s …

I’m ok with being an old guy at this time.

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