Eleanor longden

Anyone seen her Ted Talk on her voices? What do you think of the voice hearers movement?


She’s another of the high functioning ,minimal negative symptoms brigade who fails to see that her situation is very different from the vast majority who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia .


I’d like to know if she is on antipsychotics.and how much she was on them for and which ap.
She talks a lot about how psychosis is a normal expected response to trauma and that the voices are like messengers talking about unsolved problems, issues, and that she found it very useful to listen to them instead of ignoring them. She talks about interpreting what they say what it means to you kind of like dreams even and being assertive with the voices.

She says that her voices helped her during her university exams!

I know she got the highest grades in psychology or something at university after being diagnosed

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I now have an exciting, enjoyable life as an academic and international speaker, have no contact with mental health services, and haven’t taken medication for nearly ten years.


I wish my voices would help me with something useful.

Sometimes they distract me with fun conversations, but for the most part they get me going around in circles with nonsense and ruin things.


Seems like a wonderful lady.

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Yea wish they were just permanently nice.

That would be brill

It would help with my confidence

Welcome to the forum btw

Thanks for the kind words!

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While I like what the hearing voices movement tries to do in getting rid of the stigma, I have serious issues with their model of non-evidence based treatments and they are a bit too anti-medication. Also, I’m not sure I believe most auditory hallucinations have deeper meanings. I’m not saying its impossible, but I do know that asking someone who is psychotic to reflect on what their voices mean is asking for trouble with delusions.

EDIT: I thought she was associated with hearing voices movement, but she is associated with hearing voices network.

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There are honestly a few people like that on this site. It drives me nuts. I’m high functioning but do expect other people to be that way heck no


I guess I’m just inspired by her cos she’s been off meds for ten years. And fine. She did initially go on meds for a while

But then again maybe her scz is less severe if there is such a thing. But it’s still cool that she is in remission either way


There’s a reason they’re called psychosis spectrum disorders. It’s not fair to pretend one solution will work for all people. The meds gave me my life back. I’d tried the non psychiatric route for ten years and it led to homelessness and many broken relationships.


If it wasn’t for hearing voices network I would not be able to have found mi groups. They display them all on their website. That’s my favourite thing about them


I really love her. She gives me hope.

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Well said! 15155155

This thread has been edited to keep you sick.

I dont hear voices.

I think im ambivalent. She is inspiring, hopeful. But at the same time i always feel i didnt try hard enough to heal. I do not succeed in healing so well and i feel it is my fault. Looking into the meaning of my delusions helped in a way, but also hurt me.


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