Ted talk: The voices in my head "has an positive ending"


and here is the website she mentions

I can’t believe she tried to do that to herself.

I get why, it’s just so awful to think about thats all.

I liked the perspective of understanding the voices in the same way therapist do dream therapy. She never mentioned her overcoming the voices with the help of meds. But I’m sure she takes some med that makes the voices go away. When the voices told a pregnant women to cut the baby out of her stomach. She shouldn’t of actually done it, but figured out how worried she is about being schizophrenic and a mom to a new born child. This sounds like an easy way for a therapist to talk to a schizophrenic about their voices without supporting their delusional beliefs.

To my knowledge she doesn’t medicate her voices. She co-lives with them.

Voices Matter - Documentary

Rufus May 1 - Living mindfully with voices

Rufus May 2 - Living mindfully with voices

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Thank you for posting this. Very cool. :heart: (like)

I’m med compliant and I still have a few of my voices. If I keep busy they fade, if I get too stressed they get loud. I use them as sort of a gage when I can. Sometimes I’m too out scattered to really analyze what is going on and why. So I have extra help.

But if they start small and amp up I know I better get out of where I am. My doc’s have offered meds strong enough to knock all voices out of my head. But that doesn’t feel right either. If they knock my head silent, I could only imagine how out of it I would feel.

I’ll take the commentator and the panic man over negative symptom any day.

Neat. This is what I was getting at with that thread about how delusions and voices are symptoms of deeper issues. She explains herself a lot better than I did. Very cool

Suprised, you can always take stronger meds as PRN. Just to take a break and relax. I barely heard voices at all for several years. But since I wasn’t working a lowered my dose and regretfully waisted two years being psychotic. Though I can say I learned a lot. Plan to never do that again. But then my meds don’t have a side effect either. But I like being able to relax and let my mind wonder about what ever. instead of the extreme thinking I end up doing with the voices.