Elderly step dad may have leukemia

It may or may not be leukemia they did tests last week and we find out next week. If it is leukemia my step dad will definitely not make it long. he is already worn out from recovering from 3 strokes and an ayneuresm long ago. I am no longer crying about it. He will go to a better place.

I am sorry to hear this. My paternal grandfather had it back in the late 50s and died before I was 3. I have photos of me with him but no recollections(I was too young).

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So sorry

Bless you both x


thank you both…I guess this board is full of hearing from me.

Very sorry to hear this Jukebox, you’ve sure been through a lot lately.
(((((Hugs))))) to you and Angie too.

Sounds like you’ve been dealt a rough hand these last couple months. Sorry man.

How old is he? Was it your nephew that was sick as well? How is he?

You have a right to say how you feel. You’re right. Your step dad will go to a better place.

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Not at all, you should feel free to come here and talk about the challenges you are facing in your recovery from Sz. Ill family members are a huge stressor and getting support is absolutely the right thing to do. Sending good vibes your way.


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my niece had thyroid cancer and won’t know if she’s clear of cancer for the long run for six months…thanks for asking…my step dad is around 75.

@shutterbug thanks man, that makes me feel better.

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You have been through a lot lately @jukebox, hope you feel better soon.

Hey no worries man. My good friend from middle/high school is still waiting on tests to see how his treatment is going to play out.

I can relate to some extent.