Einstein's theory of relativity

Now I’m simple. I have a lay-mans knowledge of Physics up to Sir Isaac Newton three laws etc. For example I understand the effects of horizontal and vertical gravity.

In relation to relativity, I understand that if I am looking at a man on the moon via a telescope, i am looking at him relating to time, in the past. For example, if I look at myself in the mirror, a foot from the mirror, I am looking at an image of myself 1 nano second into the past.

Energy is equal to mass by the speed of light squared.

Am I right in saying that these are the things you take into account when you are trying to understand this concept, the title?

I often reply to myself, but Nietzche said

“When staring at the abyss, be careful that the abyss does not stare back at you and when fighting with monsters be careful not to become a monster yourself”

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The second post was good.

You seem to get the qualitatively relevance of relativity as well.

Gravity is insane. The nature of light is insane. If insane means can not be rationalized fully.

Therefore the universe is insane.

Something seemingly sane built out of totally insane components.

Usually we say we travel into the future, for example, me looking into the mirror, is me way advanced from where I was just a minute ago.

I don’t always trust the future, and I think it can have many layers of achieving something that gets beyond mundane.

Einstein had a thing for jelly beans. He failed math in school.

I thought his ideas were really good myself.