People are dumb

We make rules in an attempt to continue suffering and dying.

“We should suffer and then die horribly like this!”

Trying to devise ways to have an awful life.

It’s crazy.

All that we should have done was devise an adequate way to not be here anymore.

Only an animal is dumb enough to actually keep going through this ■■■■.

Well, on to the next cataclysm i guess, on to the next diagnosis, on to the next murder, and so on and so forth and forth and forth and forth and forth.

Congratulations! It’s a dying boy! Congratulations! It’s a horribly ■■■■■■ over little girl! Let’s have a cigar like a bunch of sick ■■■■■!


I think you have succeeded so far on being miserable.

Yes, my delusional grin turned upside down right quick, it’s been truly awful.

But all become bitter once they are beaten by this place.

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Pansdisease - you are in a really negative state of mind. Most of us here do not share that really negative view of the world. I hope you can learn to appreciate the positive things in life.

Happiness 101 with Tal Ben-Shahar

Over time and pain and death you will all agree.

I just got mine first.

So be happy and keep your mouth’s shut until it robs you of your happiness.

Thats a nice suit that guy is wearing, wonder how much that costed, and he preaches happiness?!

What a joke. This entire place is a rediculous awful joke.

Then we just clock in everyday, waiting for that final moment to clock out permanently. What are we supposed to do in the mean time?

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What bugs me is that I could be a lying low down selfish person and make all the money that I ever wanted.

I could have every item and go everywhere that I ever wanted.

But that kind of a personality is just not me.

My boss thanked me for all the work I did today. It was unexpected but felt nice. On the way home I drove through Jack-in-the-Box and bought a large Coke and drove home drinking it. I got home and opened my two-liter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper and poured a huge glass and drank it sitting in my rocking chair in my living room in my nice apartment. Tonight I’m cooking a new recipe for chicken I downloaded. Checked out my online class website and found I got the maximum score on my last paper. It guarantees me a "C’ in the class but I still get to take the final so I’ll probably get a "B"in the class for my overall grade. I know you have a sharp tongue but we are not all miserable all the time. Just half the time.

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well I agree with you, sooner or later we all end up the same…dead. The road to death is long and painful, we all experience happiness at some point but for some its just too short lived. 7 billion narcissus alone on a big rock… what is the point.

If you think life is nothing but torture you need to be more grateful for the things you do have. You are taking them for granted. Learn to be grateful and you will learn to be happy. You do not know how to appreciate the beauty of life.

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Yesterday I had a really good day. I got the new book I ordered online in the mail. I was feeling good, and full of promise. I was happy to get another follower on my blog bringing the total count up to a whopping two steady readers. I don’t count myself, because technically I’m the third follower, I thought if I followed the blog it might lead others to do so as well. Sort of if you build it they will come mentality. It has had like 585 vies last I read the statistic on it but only two (not me) followers. But I was happy yesterday.

Today not so much. I wasn’t feel well, and that didn’t help. I didn’t get much accomplished in writing today and that didn’t help. It was a cloudy and rainy day all day and that didn’t help. Then the neighbors dog barked for like 5 hours straight because they were apparently gone all afternoon and that just aggravated me to no end. Just when it’d quiet down for a few minutes I’d start thinking it was finally done yapping but then it’d start up again. It’s quiet now though and I’m hoping my mood shifts before bed. I hate going to bed depressed.

“This entire place is a rediculous awful joke.”

Depends on who you talk to. Dante Alighieri figured everything following this life is a comedy. Wrote a pretty famous piece of literature about it. I’ve found the best approach is to find the beauty in the moment, the fellowship in the people you’re surrounded by, and make sure you throw some love at the family you’re blessed to have.

I could concentrate on the negatives in my life (stupid pills, weigh too much, out of shape right now), but that just leaves me feeling even worse. Better to count my blessings. Lots of good happening in my world when I am willing to reach out to it. Gonna go make some supper for the family and then watch some bad TV and eat popcorn together later. :smile:

Hope you get feeling better soon – you are not in a good place and I’m sure it must be wearing on you.


no point thinking like that, its detrimental to think like that, there’s just no point.

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