ECT maintainance treatment

Hi everyone, it’s long time since i was here last time. Hope you all are as good as possible,.

At the moment i’m receiving one monthly ECT treatment for chronic depression, so called maintainance treatment, it started after i received 10 treatments at a hospital stay. I don’t need to be hospitalized at my monthly treatment and can go back home the same day

Anyone else on ECT maintainance treatment?

NIce to be back here, hope i stay,.,


did you find that all your muscles were aching after the shock treatment? And you feel the electricity ‘memories’ go through your body afterwards?

Oh yes, my legs were aching for 4 days after the treatment and i felt physically like i had completed a marathon. The memoryloss was only lasting for a day or two, then it all came back. I find the treatment very rough, physically and mentally and i’m scared … for the sedating drug they give you before the treatment


I had a fugue episode over 20 years ago.

They won’t let me see my medical notes in full.

I came out of this dissociation/fugue and found all my muscles were killing me. Every nervous connection seemed fried. I had electricty memories/ flashbacks, as though i was being electric shocked.

It was a unique feeling and had to conclude that I had been ECT’d. I only found out i had been in the hospital at all months after the fugue event, but like I said they won’t let me acces my medical notes.

It is a law in the UK that if they believe the medical notes could be a harm to me they can refuse to let me see them or redact them. Personally, I think it protects doctors from medical negligence and harm.

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Thats to bad you can’t see your own record, it sounds like a scary experience. Once in a while they use ECT for certain kinds of schizophrenia, especially catatonic schizophrenia, so i guess you are right that you had ECT to kick you out of the fugue

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Yeah, I agree 100%.

It worked!

A couple of months later I had moved to Madrid and was teaching English to business.

I just have no memory of any of it.

It was scary coming out of the fugue though. I found myself alone in my house with the ‘buzzing’ and the physical muscle connector pains.


It’s been years since i had ECT, but yeah, i used to have maintenence treatments after the initial 8-10…mine were twice a month. I actually enjoyed the induction medication that put me to sleep and i only ever had headaches twice. I literally had dozens of treatments over 10 years and they really helped the depressions where I’d quit eating or drinking. I would never let them place the bite block, i always asked to do it myself. ECT is a last resort treatment, but it can really work for some…


Thanks @WhiteRaven - now i feel more comfortable undergoing treatment, it’s a quite common treatment here in Denmark, and i think it works for me, but i have to have a couple of treatments more before i can evaluate whether it’s worth the pretty rough sideeffects and the anxiety i have for being put to sleep (aenasthasia)

I actually wish i had access to it in Interior Alaska so i COULD have it when i think it would help, but here the only place that does it is in Anchorage, 300 miles away.

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