ECT experiences.... for those who've had it

I had 3 series of six weeks. It was because I attempted suicide every week or so. The meds and therapy didn’t work, either.

ECT is a source of treatment that may or may not work. It worked for me with very limited memory loss.

You’re under anesthesia. You don’t feel anything. Maybe a headache after treatment.

Does anyone else have personal experience with ECT?

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I had about the same as you describe it. I had 19 treatments in 1969 and about 22 treatments in 1971.

The doctor who obsereved my behavour was pleased the changes in me.

My memory has been pretty good. Of course I’m now getting, memory inpairment from the other end. That is, I’m 70 years old!

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Congrats! Do you have maintenance ECT?

Well, I still have depression and antidepressant medications. But no more ECTs.

When I had ECT, I became social instead of isolated. For one thing, a lot of folks wanted to ask me what ECT was like!

My life has been relatively sweet this last few decades.

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I haven’t had ECT, but I’ve seen it do a lot of good before. There was this guy in the same mental hospital as me, and he’d tried to kill himself. They kept him strapped to a bed for three or four months. When they let him up he was barely responsive, and it seemed like he was depressed. After he got ECT he was much more engaged and much more cheerful. He behaved like a well adjusted person.


That’s great, hon. I was so depressed that I didnt get out of bed.

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