Ect is finally a possibility!

Hey guys,
So it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here…some crazy stuff has happened. Ended up having a really bad episode and was put in the hospital, but I’m out now! And the ect treatments are finally a possibility thanks to my new doctor. He’s a specialist in young adults, and he’s been great. The depression and schizophrenia has gotten a lot worse, and I’m not responding to medication. I go see him this Friday and I think I’m going to go ahead and get the ect treatments. Does anyone have any advice on the best things to say? He said we can do it but he wanted to try a new Med combo first, which has been failing because things are still really intense and overwhelming. I know it’s a big decision to get these treatments done but I feel like it’s my last hope.

@HulGil is also considering ECT so maybe they’d like to chime in when they come online.

I’ve seen ect do a lot of good. I asked for it, but they wouldn’t give it to me.

Awesome would love to see what they have to say

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Yea I’ve heard at of good things…hoping it will help me. I need something…

Ect is used mostly for clinincal depression that is drug resistant. I knew a woman who had it and it helped her a lot.

Yes I do have clinical depression and am drug resistant. My doctor said I can get it…just Lind of nervous about it

I hope it works for you.

Thank you I hope it works too. It will be nice to be reconnected with life again.

Yeah, I haven’t had it yet, but I’m glad you have the ability to get a treatment it sounds like you think you really need, @Jenn77