Husband is pushing for ECT (Electro convulsive therapy )

So I am diagnosed now with SZA and I have been suffering from it since I was 10… Now one top of all that I have had server depression and mania on and off for over a year and its back again… Now My husband wants me to get ECT to treat the depression and mania so I don’t try killing myself again but I feel scared of even just the idea of ECT and i feel like he just wants to melt my brain and memories away…

Has anyone one here had ECT? Can you give me some feed back on it? All I know is what my doctor and the internet has told me and it all sounds scary and when i think about the voices go crazy…

So do you have a psych doctor? Are you on meds for this? There are meds available to help with the severe depression and mania. Why the push for ECT? If you’ve been on or are on meds that aren’t working, then your psych doctor can try different meds.

ECT is really a “last resort” treatment. It can be traumatic and it can have lasting negative side effects. It can also remove ALL depression-related symptoms and provide immense relief.

There are many many many many many different treatments you can try before you turn to ECT. Medication, first of all, and a long-standing relationship with a therapist, secondly. Try those before you even consider ECT.

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I’ve seen ECT do a lot of good. It’s much milder than it used to be. You’re heavily sedated when they give it, and the convulsions are not nearly as bad. I’ve begged them to give me ECT before, but they wouldn’t do it. I wanted it for some compulsive behavioral problems, not depression

@BonBonSquad is right. With the meds available today and CBT, there’s a lot out there to help you before you even consider ECT.

I received ECT for 3 years. I had the treatments for my sz not depression but it saved my life. It is a last resort but I didn’t respond to meds. The treatments made me more sensitive to the meds which work now. The worst side effect is the memory loss but the memories come back after you stop the treatments. Most people only need 8-12 treatments. If the meds aren’t working I would consider it. Good luck! :sunny:

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I have been on over 55 different meds in the last 7 years and nothing seems to work

right now I am on ABILIFY MAINTENA 400mg once a month and ABILIFY ORAL 20mg twice a day and Trazadone 100mg and topiramate 10mg and viteral 100mg 3 times daily

nothing is working for the voices or the mania or even the depression and it seems like if they treat me for depression my mania gets worse and so does the voices