eBay is awesome

I got the Harry Potter collection on blu ray for $24 used in really good condition from goodwill store on eBay. I got to support goodwill and get a good deal. Anyone else get something good from eBay?


I buy and sometimes sell on eBay.

My eBay account dates back to 2003. Almost 20 years!

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I’ve had bad experiences on eBay. So I don’t use it anymore.

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I bought a lifetime membership to Spotify for $5.40

That was in 2019 and it is still working.

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Me too!


I sell my phones and laptops on eBay when I am finished with them

It’s convenient but quite expensive to sell

Other things I buy from there are the glass screen protectors, as you can get like 2 for £3 with free postage

Easy to fit yourself and saves loads of money


I bought a $14.00 brown handbag on ebay. When it arrived in the mail the packaging was very fancy. Turned out to be a fake Louis Vuitton.

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You must be lucky, I bought 2 and both were shared with other ppl and couldnt listen to a song for a while without it being switched to the other users.

At that price its normal to be fake, 14$ is even a good deal for a fake one.


Im blocked on Ebay

That sucks, maybe I did get lucky but I’ve never had a problem.

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I do a few good purchases and sells on the internet.
I buy second hand software, it’s the same as unused.
I use a local application to sell an buy music instruments.
Second hand market is really useful.
I just put “alerts” on certain objects, then when a seller sells at a good price, I can buy.
Most of the time, if the object doesn’t suit me, I sell it at the same price.

I buy and sell on ebay a bit. There’s not many bargins anymore and most decent deals dissapear pretty quick but occassionally you’ll get something good at a good price. I love internet shopping and having stuff turn up at my door but I use most sites/shops including ebay.

How did you find that deal? I’ve been paying full whack ever since my first 3 months were up for 5 years. :frowning:

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I only shop from amazon.
This time i ordered a biography
of Ivan the Terrible.
He was a tough ■■■■■■■■■■■■ lol

Wow. Good for you. Where you find that gem from lol.

I had spotify billed on the mobile phone contract - but ive gone back to Amazon HD, cos with the echo studios and the sub, 48khz tracks just sound better.

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@labratmat @Naarai

I thought it might be too good to be true, but I decided what the hell it’s only $5.40 so I bought it, here I am 2 years later and it still works…

Here is a screenshot from my ebay purchase history …


I just found one for 3 years for £5.98.

I suppose it is worth a shot. :slight_smile:

I will lose my history though.

Why will you lose your history?

It says it will start a new account as a new user.