Eating... notes and a suggestion

People with sz love to eat. I’ve noticed three things about my weight gain (about 40 lbs) over the past 10 years. Yes, the meds make me hungry, especially late at night. And yes, food is a ‘comfort’ to distract from actually having sz. And sometimes I eat as part of habit and timing, regardless if I am hungry.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve dropped about seven pounds with a simple method. I check in with my hunger at each meal period. I am usually not up during breakfast hours (unless I am working), but if I am, I eat sensibly, maybe cereal or eggs with toast. At lunch, I check in again and if I am not starving, I have oatmeal and a piece of fruit. If I do this, I am famished by dinner and have a nutritious, balanced meal (usually rice with chicken and veggies). I guess the key to my weight loss has been the lunch period. I’ve found that if I consistently ask myself ‘am I hungry?’, I realize that I am not that hungry and that an oatmeal with fruit will fill me up. And as far as eating late, the only counter I have is going to bed at an earlier time, before the cravings set in.

Do you have any weight maintenance/ loss tips? I’ve found the above mentioned to be very helpful in my recent weight loss.

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Try to eat vegies and fruit most of the time. I’m going to go get some applesauce.


I dropped 40 lbs by eating oatmeal with a banana for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and skinless chicken breast with a vegetable and carb (like a sweet potato, rice, etc.). I also walked 3.5 miles a day and lifted weights during the weight loss. Over the winter I gained some back so I just got a gym membership and starting back on my healthier way of eating.

I was put on zyprexa for three weeks during the winter and gained about 16 - 20lbs during that time. I told my doctor I could basically feel myself gaining weight daily and he got me off of it. I am on invega sustenna injection now, and while it has been weight neutral, I am having a harder time losing weight on it.

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I like applesauce with butter

What helps me the most is that our provider feeds us with love.


never eat anything that is labeled low fat or no fat , because they put extra sugar in.
try and avoid all sugar, soft drinks etc…
also coconut oil is very good for you…that’s me done…
take care


to beautiful chordy,
that is beautiful .
take care

To lose weight, I don’t eat anything, usually, all day. Then I have a low cal dinner with my meds. Then, late at night, I eat a bowl of cereal and a bowl of applesauce. Once in a while, I eat cookies. My diet is probably not the most nutritious, but it works for me to help me stay about the same weight. I had gained a lot of weight on antipsychotics–about 66 lbs. So, I’m not too concerned with nutrition, just a stable weight.

Apple sauce with butter. I have never had it that way but I love apple butter. Wonder if its basically the same thing?

I’ll have a Bacon, Love, and Tomato sandwich. And a side of fries.

I really love soup and pasta. Noodles are huge hit here. All about the noodles. :spaghetti:

I’ve lost a lot of weight. I eat soup for lunch and exercise every day. I walk for 45 minutes on my treadmill.

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If I ate just notes and a suggestion, I’m sure I would lose weight.

No applebutter has something else in it I think molasses. I heat my applesauce and add a little sugar and two tablespoons of butter to melt. MM MM Good

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In men’s health magazines the meal plans include 6 meals that maybe just for working out but I have a hippie idea that has no proof but you may look in2 keep in mind weight gaining anti psychotics I don’t no anything for a fact but I like to think of food as fuel to a furnace with how often with a specific sized meal like keep your metabolism burning ideally don’t no but look in2 it I believe there’s ways to fire up your metabolism muscle mass being 1 of them and free weights are easy more stuff burning calories but could be more expensive probably not I don’t no for fact and working out free weights are the easiest and making a schedule makes willpower easier I read same with a workout plan if you no how to divide with percentages a workout sheets easy could be divided into explosive tissue or endurance tissue like more explosive movements and male or female probably that explosive thing can be Internet trash though and 6 meals a day may just be for working out but google ways to fire up your metabolism and take your lifestyle mess and body into account

I need to be very careful what I eat and how much because of my antipsychotic meds and especially because I have diabetes. My daily bike rides enable me to control my weight when I exercise 1-1.5 hours a day. I have tried to stop eating any sugar and fat and I do not consume any alcohol. Some meds such as Seroquel may elevate my blood sugar levels which I monitor regularly.

I’ve lost 50lbs since August due to stop taking my antipsychotic (which I don’t recommend doing because I ended up in the hospital) and changing my diet. I now make everything from scratch, no processed or pre-made stuff and I cut out most sugars. And I do what cbdpush recommended - pay attention to how full you are so you don’t overeat.

It is so difficult for me to lose weight. I am on depakote (depablote) and Risperdal - 2 weight gaining meds.
I have been cutting back on calories and exercising more - but still very little weight loss. Im going to have to go even more low carb and starve myself, and even then I probably wont lose enough

i stopped eating properly for a few months last year and lost 2 stone…i didn’t put it back on. then a couple of months ago i cut out sugar from my coffee and lost another 6/7 pounds. my weight is stable at 10 and a half stone but i want to get down to 9 stone so i’m gonna have to go back on a diet. lots of soup and salad and vegetables. small portions of good meals cooked from scratch and exercise will do it. i am determined!

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If you listen to the media you will have a million choices to make, many of them contradictory. Find out for yourself what works for you. I agree that there are anti-psychotics that cause weight gain. We can get our doctor to change our medication.
I have found I usually get hungry after six hours without food. I don’t eat snacks or fast food, avoid soft drinks and caffeine, don’t smoke, am vegetarian, exercise every day if possible, get enough sleep. I’ve lost about 30 pounds in the last year or so. I don’t really know how. Maybe it has to do with eating a more limited diet than most people.

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