Eating isn't worth the effort

You’d think with the fact that I don’t have to cook, I’d be on easy street. But I just eat to get it over with.

You wouldn’t know it from how much weight I’ve gained but, I don’t enjoy food much either. I have been cooking more lately in an attempt to be healthier but I try to do quicker meals. I don’t like cooking.

I think a lack of interest in food is common for the mentally ill.

Well, it is maybe just “lack of interest” that is common for schizophrenics.

I hate cooking, and I hate that people need organized meals. Dinner is such a pain, as my husband wants dinner every night, and he’s willing to make his own, but he wants to talk about it every single day. Every day “what should we do for dinner?” I really couldn’t care less.
On the other hand, food is my drug of choice. I’d say I use it more than just eating.

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