Poll: Are you a fast eater?

  • Have sz, am a fast eater
  • Have sz, am NOT a fast eater
  • Don’t have SZ, am a fast eater
  • Don’t have SZ, am NOT a fast eater

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I have sz, am a fast eater.
I also noticed that when I was in hospital, ppl with sz tend to eat faster but not everyone.
But one thing I can say is that the more I feel unwell, the faster I eat.

I’m not voting since I don’t have a diagnosis yet, but I’m almost always the first done when eating with anyone. I don’t feel like I’m eating fast but it always happens, maybe because I don’t talk as much as most people.

Sza. Fast eater. For me it has to do with feeling no connection with anyone and then focusing on the task at hand.

Yeah I don’t waste time savoring consumption. I eat sparsely and quickly. I find it impossible to sip on a drink, leading me to prefer what should typically be hot drinks served cold. Coffee, tea, ciders. It’s annoying waiting for a drink to cool down just so I can guzzle it.

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I used to want to be in the eating contests cus i ate fast all the time. My nickname wouldve been the insane pie eater

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Have sz am a fast eater. :slight_smile:

This is some ground breaking stuff here…

so what you are all saying is that… eating fast can lead to schizophrenia!?!(JK I’m bored)


I would not doubt it, especially with all the processed foods.

So, fast eating and schizophrenia are strongly linked. Not surprising that overweight is common in SZ. Sure there is a biochemical explanation, not only medications.

I try to slow down… chew more… and savor… but I can’t… I’m still done before everyone else.

Don’t run very fast, and i eat.

Makes me a slow eater.

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yea i am a very fast eater i finish mine before everyone else i also drink faster as well

I’m a very fast eater. It’s almost like I swallow my food. I’ve been like that since I was a child. It ends up causing stomach aches.

Yep I eat fast too, I just wanna get it over with and go back to staring out the window

I used to have like fifteen minutes to eat and I was extremely physically active so I tend to eat pretty fast. I also had like fifteen minutes to eat every meal this past semester most days because of the intensive research I was doing.

I gobble up protein. I used to and sometimes still do eat so fast that I bite my tongue whilst chomping the sheeeet out of some chicken or something.

well from my own experince people eat in the hospital pretty normal i guess i mean the homeless people eat fast the ones that been on the street awhile they will try to eat off everyones plate when there done i mean eat your left overs there very fast iam usely the last person done i think is cause iam lost in deep thought haha.

I’m a really fast eater and have been since I was a child. I do know how to use a knife and fork, but when it’s just close family, at home, I eat really fast.

When I was on Modecate I was forever biting my tongue - because a side effect of this drug made my tongue move about like it had a mind of its own.

90% of people are fast eaters. Pretty surprising.