Cognition advice

Make sure your fluid intake is OK. Intteroception affects me most re knowing when I’m thirsty and when I’m full up after a meal. Today has been a bad day for me when it comes to hydration, and it’s definitely affected my cognition. Yesterday my reaction time standard deviation via Cooijmans sloBRAIN was just short of 27… That’s very good for my age. Today it’s been about X2.5 longer. My average human benchmark reaction time yesterday was around 248 ms; also good for my age.Today it’s been over 50ms longer.

As it says re sloBRAIN-

This is a simple test for Mean Reaction Time (M.R.T.) and Reaction Time Standard Deviation (R.T.S.D., a measure of consistency in reaction speed). Both, R.T.S.D. even more than M.R.T., have a significant (though not high) negative correlation with “g”, or general intelligence.

I’m not touting it as a cognitive ‘cure all’ but being adequately hydrated could make a positive difference.

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