Early warning signs, research programs, being proactive!

Hi, I wondered who knows their early warning signs and are they easily expressed to help us seek help? I find that I get no inclination other than to watch my behaviour and monitor moods etc, but the onset of a pychosis is so rapid moving and at times have felt myself go down in 20 minutes rather than a period of 4 weeks like some have reported! We are all different and so is our DNA.
I took part in a research program that founded in that the research and samples taken that people with schizophrenia DNA is in complete! Not what I expected to hear about DNA of a mentally ill person like myself! That’s research being done in Australia!!! Any one else participated in research programs or proactive with their mental health? I’d love to here your stories.


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pychosis is a split second thing, or a few minutes for me, i get hot , i can feel my brain heating up, and this wave of evil washes over me , my wife says i get something similar to gills on the side of my neck , i start talking to myself (you can see my lips moving ! ) and then i am off on another journey on the sz rainbow, she puts her hands on either side of my face and says ,
" Hatter, Hatter come back Hatter ! " ( Alice in Wonderland )
take care


I’d be happy enough to just be active.

I become nervous and i start having false memories, so false memories are different to separate from real memories. After that, full blown delusion with false memories which leads me to act upon those memories.

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I do a few things. I either pace and babble which my sister knows to just let me pace and let me get it out of my head. If I’m having a panic induced delusion or hallucination it nearly always involves kidnappers so she and I both know it’s time to sit and breathe and talk it out.

Sometimes I’m calm and my brain just decides to play, I’m not agitated and I just start loosing reality. My sis says that one is the hardest one to catch because I’m still functional, I’m still doing what I’m doing, it’s when my verbal responses get stranger and stranger that she realizes I’m starting to let go. But I’m happy, I’m just starting to babble and get a bit strange and repeat myself over and over. She can usually redirect me with either a walk around the park or a nap.