Early signs that you have a spending problem, and what to do about it


For me it changed drastically once I got off abilify, it’s weird that a side effect of a med is to buy stuff, I have a whole conspiracy theory about why that specific behavior is a common side effect.


I’ve been spending a lot while on Abilify…

What’s this conspiracy you speak of?


I’ve gone way beyond the early signs, it’s too late for me I’m afraid.


Well it’s now proven abilify causes addictions

I think big companies like amazon or Walmart lobbied the big pharmaceutical company that made abilify and said “well give you millions but toss in some shopping addiction, you can always deny it later and we’ll both get super rich muahahaha” Dr evil pinky

When they make a med that alters brain activity I’m sure by now they’re aware of what side effects will be caused and they intentionally put messed up side effects or very specific side effects based on which big company is lobbying or donating to that pharmaceutical company, and then play the “we didn’t know” card later, one thing I’ve learned is that super massive corporations care more about profit than anything else. But what do I know Im just a paranoid sz person.


Thats really curious lofi. I had impulse control problems on abilify as well and it was making me broke from just buying things and getting delivery food all the time.

Maybe theres something to it. Do you think theyll be trying to perfect the impulse response in the future? I imagine theyll be pushing that pretty hard if so

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Abilify was like cocaine for me, toxic, I had all these while I was on it:

Compulsive or uncontrollable urges to gamble, binge eat, shop, and have sex.

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