Earliest Forum Members

Who are the posters who have been on these forums the longest? I’ve only been here about 7 months.

I’m just curious…


I have been coming here since May 10th 2001


Iv’e been around since the old site - I have been around for a while.



WOW!! 14 years!! That’s incredible!

What changes have you noticed over that span…good, bad or different?

found this forum 2 months ago joined a little later to get some answers. im very recent but shouldnt szAdmin be the poster who has been here the longest? if he counts that is.

I started on the old forums in 2009.


Is there one or more old posters who you wish would return?

I was on old forums from about 2005 to 2008.

I was obnoxious fool like I am now!


Used to be a guy named lizardking who was pretty cool on the old forums and he’s been here a few times. I liked talking to him. Another pretty cool poster is @radmedtech, I don’t know how long he’s been a member but I remember him from a while ago. People come and go. Some of them are big presences for awhile and they disappear. I forget many people.

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Jamesgirl lord malvok and mister lister been here a while

The old site had a lot of trolls towards the end and software problems. I almost stop coming here. I like this site it works a lot better,. The questions become routine when all the new people come on board.
I have never posted much. I mostly read but I can’t read all the posts.


I was on the old forum as early as 2011, but not nearly as active as I am now

Actually it was 2012, when I came to terms with my dx

I have been here off and on,not with my current user name(had several as I closed accounts due to paranoia etc and came back again) since If I recall rightly before 2000. It was definitely a number of years before I lost the schizoaffective dx in 2005. Hard to remember my previous user names but recall capricorn was the one previous to firemonkey. I used to post almost exclusively in the news section but have ventured into other areas more since the current incarnation of the forums.


Anyone remember Cannonier (sp?)

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yeah and billhook, cannonier was a mod for a while and billhook liked fishing, joey1234 was really cool and pinkpanther use to say think pink lol, i liked @pob and polaris, i use to post under a different name in the poetry section mostly for a long time, think i joined in 2005 just as they changed from the even older software, i remember that it was at the change over.

@ pob is still here. I remember the others it was pretty messed up though.

Wasn’t PP driven away by unfriendly posters.

unfortunately i think she was :frowning: and i really really liked her

i wasnt perfect but i dont think i ever tried to drive anyone away, i posted a few things that people didnt like sometimes but it was all pretty harmless i think, i think i’ve grown now as a person on a better med too.

I know there were several people who really didn’t want me there although at the time I carried a sz-a diagnosis. I just didn’t make a big show of it. I like the way these current forums are more inclusive and welcoming of those who have had some experience of psychosis irrespective of whether they be dxed with sz or sz-a.
Although a long time poster it’s only since the move to the current forums that I’ve felt(bouts of paranoia aside) that I’ve really been accepted.

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