Volunteering is great

I have five different volunteer jobs on the go
Two charity shop jobs, two office jobs and a "sitting service " job where I look after someone whoile their cater takes a break


Amazing Shellys x

good going xx

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I volunteer at a soup kitchen. I like talking to the guests and it makes me feel useful. :fork_and_knife:


I volunteer at sz.com forum

That’s as lot!! Good for you. Pace yourself.

Ahh there’s an idea for me. Well done you !!! :grinning:

Good for you that you enjoy it and are doing good snd helping.

i have thought of volunteer working if I get pension as it is easier than employment in a way.no paid work but still can be easier some how to do.
More easy going in a way.
Which could be good for some who don’t handle pressure of employment.mentally etc

Where I worked last time was good that they were not in my face all the time but I reported back to them by sending them my time sheets and money.

I believe I work in spirit n have been a workaholic in spirit n energy if who I am and have done great good work with my nature and who I am.

Moved to school and work.

It’s awesome that you volunteer so much!

Volunteer moderator

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Helps to fill gaps with time off work due to the illness. Employers love you have volunteered also so looks great on a resume.

I volunteer at a Catholic Church in Omaha, NE with the Legion of Mary. I call Legion of Mary auxillary praying members, on the phone, and ask them to stay on our rolls. I also visit with and assist the residents at the Assisted Living facility where I live. I also help lead the Rosary group at this Assisted Living facility every weekday. I also promote God on social media sites. I do all of this for the Legion of Mary.