Who does volunteer work?

I might be getting my own car on Saturday, which means I would have the flexibility to do volunteer work until I get a full-time job. My husband works odd retail hours, so it’s hard to plan anything where I get to drive myself.

I have decided to first target a local hospice with five offices in my state. I plan to tell them I want to do office or accounting clerk tasks without answering the main phone line. Surely they could use someone for two four-hour shifts during the week to help out with back office stuff. I don’t do well at a front desk.

Who here does volunteer work, and how easy it is for you to handle it? Tell me about what you do, I would love to hear it!

I really hope I get the car, because I need a third reference for most jobs I am applying for. My previous employers from my last job won’t give me one, and I only have two references from a previous job ending in 2011. If I volunteer, that would show that I am indeed able to handle office work again after being on disability for four and a half years, and I would be able to have someone give me a current reference. It’s hard to tell people that I am now in remission and ready to work after that long. They might be less likely to take a chance even though I have strong experience. I’m ready to do anything I need to in order to help my cause and find the right fit for full-time employment.


I volunteered last summer at an animal shelter. But I was volunteering with my partner’s little sister. She only wanted to work with the dogs. I preferred the cats. One of the dogs she wanted to walk got out. Ever since that happened I was scared to walk the dogs. But my partners little sistsr was allowed to adopt a dog and suddenly she didnt want to back to the shelter.

I want to volunteer at the no kill cat shelter

When I lived in Canada, I volunteered at a no-kill cat shelter. It was really fun! You should try it if you can! I still keep in touch with some of the people I met there. It’s where my husband and I rescued our two cats.

I need to do office work to get a good reference for employment in an office, otherwise I would go to the local SPCA and ask to work with the cats.

My favorite place to volunteer at so far is the high school speech and debate team and the hospital where we wheeled around old people. Jobs that are people oriented are easier for me. I’ve tried office jobs, but every time they gave me too much stress. I don’t think I would volunteer again though. There are part time jobs who would take me back that I think are more rewarding than volunteer work.

This year I have volunteered 70 hours at a fish farm (a hatchery). I cleaned the ponds with waders on, in 4ft deep water and fish poo with a long brush. I mowed the lawn, hedge trimmed over 100ft of juniper, picked bad eggs out with a gravity operated vacuum sucker, checked intake during a flood, stacked wood, weeded, got to drive the club car, removed brush and foliage, sprayed for weeds, trimmed ferns, cleaned shop, pretty much anything and everything. They staff are really nice there. Very professional and hard workers. I got along with them great.

A snippet from my journal:
Today I am nearing the completion of my court mandated community service hours. This has been an honor to serve my community. A special thank you to the stewards of The Hatchery and ODFW. I will continue to shape my work ethic to the standards you put forth. I found God today. :’) happy tears

I also have volunteered recently at my church. I helped serve Easter breakfast for six hours. Then served our last community dinner of the year, yesterday. For about 3 hours.

My court hours are done, just gotta turn them in. Whew. Don’t drink and drive! Save lives!

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The last time i volunteered, i volunteered for a refugee organization. it was mostly tutoring the refugees in English. That was pretty fun.

I talk big like i’m gonna sign up for some volunteer opportunity but i dont follow through. The one i’m aiming for this summer is going along with this group of people that walk around the proverty areas and pick up used needles. They also talk with people in the community to deter anti social behavior. Just need work boots and i’m set.

Before that i used to volunteer at bingo places as a cashier/caller for older folks.

That’s good that you are wanting to volunteer. Fight on :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to volunteer at the same place I used to work and it was horrible. All the burden I felt when I had my breakdown came rushing down on me. I had to leave and I was shaking uncontrollably and could barely get myself home. Now I’m really scared to try elsewhere. The thing that I think I would do well in a hospice

I’ve been volunteering at my cricket club for well over a decade. I usually do 1 to 2 days a week of about 4 hours but it can be more or less. I do a lot of mowing and raking etc but have learned how to prepare a first grade quality turf wicket. It’s fun and interesting watching the grass grow and it really is a trade.

I live on a pension and love my life. The volunteering gives me a purpose and something to do each week. I socialize and still play competitively. I really do recommend it. If I’m having a bad day I can just cancel and the guy I help out is a volunteer too so it’s all good. They pretty well all know I’m sz down there. I went psychotic whilst being a b grade captain a long time ago.

Been volunteer for seven years
I have work two years in charity shop
I worked at alcohol and drug place doing admin
Now I’ve two volunteer jobs doing admin for citizens advice and Alzheimer’s society they never ask me to answer phones
Hope you find something you like and good luck

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I don’t really have a good work history, and I as well want to volunteer and do back office tasks, I cant answer the phone, because I misunderstand people, and I don’t talk clearly. The guy that I met that I think is the head of volunteering at the hospital (all i did was ask him for an application) Some lady was lost he explained ways to get to the destination. (something along the lines of hallways and taking lefts and rights) I couldn’t visualize it, or understand if he was talking to me like that. Makes me feel like a fool since I’m not good at following oral directions, it just slips past me. Anyone have advice on how I can get past others personalities that make it impossible to understand if they explain things?

I did various volunteers jobs before going back to work. I walked with an old lady, i taught dutch to a refugee, i did a creative afternoon with refugee kids and i was a coördinator in an organisation that helped human rights workers.

It was fun, it helped me with structure and social life, it gave me a sense of purpose. It also helped tremendously with finding a new job.

It was hard sometimes, but i managed. I dont regret. I do at times regret going back to work too soon. It helped me heal, but it also caused me to almost fall into burn out.

The main reasons to volunteer are it’s good to stay busy, you may prove your ability to do real work, and it gets you out of the house. One problem. It won’t pay the bills including the maintenance of and the gas for your car. I worked as a volunteer for 10 years and it was nice while I was doing it but felt kinda empty inside when it was over because I had nothing tangible to show for it. (I later did 3 years of “volunteer work” with VISTA that paid more than any work I ever did. The only thing that made it volunteer work is that social security didn’t count it as work although they had appointments with me a lot more frequently almost to the point of harassment.)

Wow, lots of people are successful with volunteering! That gives me encouragement!

I don’t think anyone should feel bad if they are unable to volunteer, I couldn’t either not that long ago. You just do your best and that’s okay.

Thanks for all the replies! I really do hope I get this car. I can afford to pay cash for it, but it’s the only one on the lot that I can say that about. I can’t take on another car loan until I work full-time. I would be able to do so many things with my own car, and I would be fully ready to start a regular job.


I volunteer for my Church through a Church group. We have weekly business meetings where I act as the Secretary and keep the minutes.

We also do various volunteer activities like lead prayer groups in nursing homes and elsewhere, teach children religious education, make prayer beads, evangelize, take people on errands, visit with the sick and the elderly, make phone calls to our auxiliary members, etc… etc…

It’s all a lot of fun.

I volunteer at the Wolfe Street Foundation. They provide meeting rooms for AA, Al-Anon, and other groups.

That’s wonderful that you enjoy volunteering! I am really happy to read all these responses.

I got a car! So I submitted a volunteer interest form to the hospice, along with a resume and collection of reference letters. I doubt I’ll hear anything until at least next Tuesday, but things are in motion. I hope it’s not too hard to find a volunteer job. I checked the library’s website and they actually have volunteer job openings like a paid working site does. No openings in my area. I didn’t think it was that structured! I guess they don’t want to keep training people who won’t commit. That makes sense.

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