Dutch courts forced six women to take mandatory birth control measures

The Rotterdam court was the first to order a woman with schizophrenia to take anti-conception medication via injections in September 2020. “The defendant is not able to take care of a child at the moment,” the judge stated at the time.


Don’t forget to get schizophrenic males a cut, too.


On one side, this is a horrible violation.

On the other, I know lots of ladies I would put on mandatory birth control if I could.

Thanks for the article.

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Yeah it is really hard to know how to feel about this. It is a slippery slope once courts can mandate birth control. But I also know of a few sibling groups in foster care who have mentally disabled mothers that love the attention of being pregnant, so they intentionally get pregnant knowing their kids will end up in care.


Eugenics strikes again.

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Voluntary euthanasia for schizophrenia is legal in the Netherlands.

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In Belgium we also have euthanasia for ‘unbearable mental suffering’, but it needs to be approved by several doctors. There also have been lawsuits, so it’s not that easy to get.


Nothing worse than a baby addict. My aunt has like 5 kids. When her husband told her he was going to get a vasectomy, she secretly went off her birth control to squeeze one more out before his operation, without ever telling him.

She dresses up and photographs the youngest one like it’s a doll then moves on when she has another. Or at least she used to, no more new kids these days thanks to the operation.


I think it’s more of a pregnancy addiction for most women.

It’s hard to describe, but you feel very special when you’re pregnant.

I know a woman who has two kids of her own and then her husband got a vasectomy.

She was furious so she advertised to be a surrogate.

She had three more babies as a surrogate.

Until she got busted (while pregnant) with methamphetamine,

She was also on a motorcycle.

Anyway, I’m just agreeing,

Some women are obsessed with pregnancy/babies and don’t think about the rest of their lives.


Too many women open their legs to the latest fella they have known for less than 2 weeks ive known, when they cant even look after themselves.

Ive reported a few myself when there was a child safety issue. It didnt make me popular.

Mentally ill or not - If you cant look after yourself, manage a property and pay bills and have food in the cupboard. You shouldnt be breeding.