Duck Dynasty

Do you think what he did was right? He has 14 million viewers on A&E which makes him a powerful figure in a way. I think the news should stay out of his business. He said he was just repeating scripture. I am an Atheist and I still think he should be allowed to break his silence. People want to control what you say. This effects my Sz.

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And what about those people fighting over a pair of Jordans. Ridiculous behavior. That really makes mankind look pathetic.

I just think the level of drama and what not that a celebrity can generate by saying something is ridiculous. I mean who cares what some hick’s opinions on homosexuality are. I know I don’t.

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I - yes even me, a certified diagnosed schizophrenic and mood disordered individual, have more important things to do than to sit around and watch a bunch of rednecks live out their life in public. It seems to me, we as a society are placing too much importance in the wrong people. Real heroes live out their day quietly, helping others in need - the homeless, the sick, the poor … Too many of us are idolizing reality TV stars… and that’s a real shame. In my eyes these celebrity types are desperate money whores, who will do and say anything for money and fame.


Even my kid sister who’s not SZ threw out her T.V. when “Honey Boo-Boo” the 5 year old hick girl from “Toddlers and Tiara’s” started her commentary about politics. She’s 5, why are we letting her weigh in on politics? I see it as… She’s 5. Why do we need to camera hound a 5 year old? Her family makes me sad. They should be protecting her youth, not exploiting it.

We watch DVD’s on the computer and download a few shows we like… no commercials, no yelling, none of that.

That is the sad part. It’s not even actors or performance artist… It’s reality T.V… the cheapest, the saddest and the worst. My sis has a friend who has been idolizing “Teen Mom’s” Oh no. :frowning:

Oh no is right, but I guess it is entertainment for some

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