TV Evangelists and other assorted Frauds

What gets my blood boiling are these TV Evangelists/preachers on TV. Being a semi intelligent person, it is obvious that the only reason they are doing what they do - bull shitting the nation or world, is for $$$$
I am not too fond of self appointed gurus and celebrities and authors that think they know more than the rest of us.
Their sole purpose is to suck up as much cash - so they can obtain or maintain wealth or power its as simple as that
Hypocrites all of them -


What gets me is self appointed psychiatric ‘experts’ of the strongly anti psychiatry ilk. Often ex patients who deem their experiences are more valid than those of you and i, and that only they know the truth/have the answers.


I totally agree with you firemonkey

I am in this boat with both of you. T.V. preachers and other assorted gurus really upset me quickly. I just hate it. I look at this and think… I’m the one with the mental illness and even I can see through this… why can’t other people?


This is exactly how I feel J - why is the key word

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Ten years ago a televangelist called Pastor Rod Parsley had a one month money management series on TV. He had scissors in his hands calling church members to come up at the front. He started chopping up peoples credit cards and put them in a fire pit. :credit_card:

He puts the fear of debt collectors in people instead of Jesus. :church:

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What bugs me are those, when speaking of their beliefs, at the same time define their beliefs as absolute truths.

Finding the actual truth does not come cheap. To have complete support of a truth, and thus be certain of it, you must know of all that surrounds that truth. This includes all that extends across all time and all space. To have all of that in your head means that you must have a pretty good sized head.

Thus the best that one can do is at least have several decades of direct study concerning the matter at hand. Unfortunately, a psychiatrist does not obtain direct study concerning schizophrenia in pretty well all cases since pretty well all psychiatrists do not experience schizophrenia.

Concerning TV allmoneyists , my jaw drops when I see so many people falling for such obvious trickery.

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Into the pit of fire. I guess, that means he intended to give their credit cards to the Devil.

Another televangelist Steven Furtick preaches “Freakonomics”. He also owns a lavish mansion with guards. :house_with_garden:

Well you know how it is. Live it up here in your short life, and have a miserable eternity in the afterlife, or…
Have a hard working miserable short life here, and a fantastic eternity in the afterlife.

Wave, I don’t agree with you a 100%. I think some are only in it for the money. And the rest certainly enjoy raking in millions of dollars. But I am sure that a lot of them enjoy what they do and sincerely enjoy helping people. I’m sure of it.


Agree 100%. Most of them have good intentions. :church:

I saw them during my psychosis actually, they would have said i was hallucinating though, and i was hallucinating but that doesn’t do it justice, it was someone showing me what they were and oooohhhhh mannnnn was it horrible to see.

One night i was outside having a smoke in the garage and flipping channels, i turned to the seven hundred club and they instantly said “someone has just joined us, god is going to touch you right now.” When they said this i began to have a very odd feeling in my stomach, it wasn’t natural. I thought “are they trying to get me right now?”

Also, during my first psychosis the “whomever” in my head told me that the church belonged to them, after seeing what appeared to be a being made of light in a tree and hearing “ssshhhhhh” next to my head a man came and bought me din din, he then asked if i wanted to come to church. The “whomever” in my mind, after tormenting me for quite some time, told me that church belonged to them.

That ain’t love’s church. Even the word “church” is derived from an old pagan goddess, kirke, she is arrayed in purple and carries a golden cup of lies that feel good.

But that is crazy right, some demons torturing me once told me that the church belongs to them.

Benny Hinn is one of the most prosperous of them. Watch Benny Hinn exposed on youtube. He has his staff find only the ones with nonvisable infirmities. While the people who are obviously in more need of healing get refused.

if Jesus were alive today i think he could cure me

I wonder if he would charge on a sliding scale?

i don’t think he would charge lol, he didnt do that the first times round anyway, he fed the sick and healed the poor,

he is known also as the great counselor, i wonder if that is the same as the great psychiatrist lol.

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no wonder they say preiase jesus a lot hes been a goldmine for them and a cash cow.

I think he would make an excellent therapist to someone if that person was fluent in Hebrew or Greek.

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If he was able to rise from the dead, I bet he could do a fine root canal without dental tools.