Dry eyes and dehydration?

Do any of you get dry eyes when you are dehydrated? My eyes are dry and sore. and it’s been quite hard to quench my thirst.

I’ve not totally dismissed the possibility it’s related to my laptop usage , but I’ve used the laptop a lot before without getting dry eyes.

Do you have dry mouth, too? Are you still sweating normally?

I have had a sticky mouth . I’m not sure I’m sweating normally or not . Not drinking enough fluid is a regular issue with me . That contrasts with people with schizophrenia that can drink too much water.

Still got the dry eyes and dry mouth thing going on. I’ve thought the dry eyes might be due to laptop usage , but I wouldn’t say the dry mouth is. Could the two be connected , and nothing to do with laptop usage?

Do you have a fan blowing. That gives me dry eyes - I have to use drops

Fan isn’t on. I remember you mentioning about the fan before.

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Just to correct you. My stepdaughter noticed I had swollen feet and legs. I’d also mentioned chest pains. My stepdaughter made me an appointment with the practice nurse. When heart failure was mentioned by the nurse not me. As a result of that when I experienced more chest pains my stepdaughter took me to the out of hours gp service at the small,local hospital. I was then told to go to a bigger hospital for more tests. That was based on the available info at the time. In no way was I being a hypochondriac over that. I wouldn’t have noticed the swollen feet and legs if my stepdaughter had said nothing.

Luckily the tests were normal. It was better to be safe than sorry. Your response to this thread is exactly the kind of response that could stop a person having something checked out, with possibly serious consequences. In essence you are being irresponsible.

I certainly don’t think I have every illness it’s possible to get. The dry eyes and mouth are very real. It could be due to mild dehydration which I am prone to. I’ve never been good at gauging my fluid intake.

I’m beginning to think you have poor comprehension skills. At no point have I ever indicated I have every symptom and illness under the sun. I’m certainly not a sympathy seeker. I state what I’m experiencing which may or not be serious. It’s up to a doctor to decide that,certainly not you.

Your behaviour could put other people off mentioning any physical issues they may have. Certainly dismissing me as 'delusional/paranoid over this is out of order .


My friends was just diagnosed with Sjogrens. Her main complaints were dry eyes and dry mouth. Definitely try to increase your fluid intake before thinking it’s something like this. But might still be weekend looking into.

To drink more water I use a 1 liter glass jar as my water cup and drink a whole one first thing every morning. If you do that with morning meds and evening meds, everything you get in-between is golden.

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@firemonkey. Definitely let your GP know what’s going on with your dry mouth and dry eyes. You might consider also having an ophthalmologist check your eyes to see if you have any issues with underproduction of tears which could lead to chronic dry eyes.

As one ages, unfortunately, more health issues can crop up so it’s important to consult a doctor if you’re having new symptoms. IMO, it’s always better safe than sorry so-to-speak.


I used to get bad dry eyes. My eye doctor suggested washing my eyelids with baby soap once a day to clean out my tear ducts. I don’t know if that would help you or make it worse. Probably best to check with a doctor. It might even be allergies or a cold.

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I don’t totally dismiss the possibility of allergies,but I’ve never had them before.

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