Thirsty and headache

Have had that periodic dry mouth,thirsty,headache and feeling slightly nauseous for several hours now.

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Dehydration will give me a dull throbbing headache.

I think I’ve drunk enough but then my judgement might be faulty on that. Just had a glass of water and still dry and thirsty.

2 quarts of fluid in 2-4 hours

I don’t think I drink that much. That’s 8x 8 fluid oz cups or just under 6.5x10 fluid oz mugs (my mug size). That’s a mug every 37 minutes or so.

for dehydration

You should probably drink more water. Really sounds like dehydration. I am constantly dehydrated nowadays because I immediately have to pee out any small amount of liquid I drink. It sucks.

Just been searching and it does sound like mild/moderate dehydration. I have in the past been asked/told at the depot clinic about it. Apparently they can tell from how your skin pings back when they give you the depot.

I wonder how many others here have this problem with keeping adequately hydrated.
What I mostly read about with people with severe mental illness is the opposite ie too much fluid consumption.

I would be lucky if I drank one 8oz glass of water in 24 hours, I hate drinking water.

“Thirsty and headache”

i feel like that when i don’t drink much water or do eat too much meat or salt