Drugs like Risperdal used to stop autism and thought blocking gradually exacerbate schizophrenia

Back in September this year, the hospital doctor condemned me to take Risperidone to ease my chemical dopamine. But the exact opposite is happening – instead of the chemical remaining relatively at a healthy balance or STABLE, I realize instead I am being way high and then low. Out of common symptoms, I have the following: tiredness, drowsiness, increased appetite, sleepiness. Then there are SEVERE: muscle spasms, and mood imbalance! Unless you have high form of autism or schizophrenia which DOES NOT NEED BE a lifelong sentence, I recommend a very low dose – personal experience, TWICE.

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My psychiatrist lowered my dose from 4mg to 3mg.
So far I’m noticing less Negative Symptoms and more energy.
I walked over 10000 steps.


Risperidone did make my negative symptoms worse, not as bad as Abilify did but enough for me to notice. One of the general goals in psychiatry is to try to get your patient stable on the lowest dose possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean all prescribers abide by this gold standard (not all can, a lot of people the lowest therapeutic dose won’t cut it) but it’s the ideal scenario.


You may need to ask your doctor if you need a mood stabilizer.

If Risperidone isn’t working for you, tell your doctor. There are tons of other meds out there that might work amazingly for you. Risperidone tends to be the first one many doctors try, because it’s cheap and effective, but if it doesn’t work, you have options.

Risperdal is old cow ■■■■ a chemical lobotomize like all the others

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I’m convinced that antipsychotics do indeed make negative symptoms even worse.

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maybe on purpose i only had negative symptoms and no positive to start ive started taking anti psychotics and got a drug induced psychosis from them note that it was from an anti convulsant lamictal and also TD from geodon

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ifd you reead this website it says people with more negative symptoms must use sarcosine

They do, it’s been researched

They work by lowering dopamine but dopamine isn’t too high in some areas of the brain for sz in some areas it’s too low, so it lowers these areas too thus making the neg symptoms worse


Me, too. It was terrible.

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