Dropped out of school because of symptoms

So my symptoms have been pretty bad lately. Lots of delusions and paranoia. (And the voices I hear to top it all off)

I was enrolled in just one class at a university, it started tomorrow. But my GI Bill paperwork got all messed up. Anyways I have no motivation to go back to school at this point in my life.

So yeah, things are pretty rough at the moment.

Thank you for reading :v:


Sorry to hear that, Chris. Maybe you can try again next term.

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Thank you @zak the future doesn’t look too bright for me, but I am trying to remain optimistic.

it’s okay - I got fired twice because I couldn’t focus

Sorry to hear that cherie. Studying Karate is kind of giving me a new focus and goal in life.

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Karate is awesome! I hope you find your calling.

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Thank you @brugluiz yeah I love it. I think the martial arts are my true calling.


One high functioning guy at my old Sz therapy was a certified martial arts teacher. Maybe you could make karate into a career in the future, you know, as you get more advanced.

What you said really resonates with me, I am having poor motivation for school (community college) as well these past few weeks. I just hole up in my room and watch family guy and south park and maybe eat one meal a day. But today I feel a surge of motivation, hopefully I can get back into my classes and get my focus back.

It’s normal to cycle between periods of productiveness and periods of less motivation, especially if you have negative symptoms like me. Even if you do the bare minimum this semester keep your future in mind and try and change that vibe next semester.

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Thank you @eduvigis yeah next semester if things are going better I might take a full load of classes.

I am pondering about making Karate and martial arts a career, like you said. It takes time but it’s well worth it.

I hope you are able to find the motivation you need to go back to school soon. Don’t feel bad about going to community college, I have been going to the same one, on and off, for about over 10 years.

Take care, wishing you the best :v: