Drooling and risperdal


Does anyone on risperdal(consta) experience drooling? I experience it especially when lying down for sleep.


Hi. I have been on Risperdal for 3 years. I have noticed mild drooling when lying down for sleep, but nothing too bad.


Sorry – not on consta, just oral pills. But I experience mild drooling.


I sadly cant remember if it was on risperidone, but I definately drooled a little bit on some med, nothing too bad though.


It was clozapine that made me drool loads. I got a med from the psychiatrist that completely stopped it though. Unfortunately I can’t remember what is was called. It had a big long name.


I’ve not had drooling with medications personally, but I am aware of two medications that can be used to help with this problem.

  1. Cogentin (benztropine)
  2. Artane (trihexyphenidyl)

I hope this helps.


My son drools while sleeping. I don’t know if he did this before going on Clozapine.


BarbieBF, clozapine is well-known to cause inordinate drooling. I had to sleep with a towel on my pillow to keep it from getting soaked.


Im on Risperdal tablets, and I do sometimes drool when sleeping, but its not so bad. Other APs were worse for me


I remember there was a point long ago when I was drooling in my sleep. It was pretty heavy. I don’t remember what medication I was on.

As for Consta, the whole Risperdal line works well in controlling my symptoms but I bite my tongue involuntarily when I’m on any of them.


Hey Malvok, are you on Risperdal now?


No, the tongue biting was too much so I’m off of all that line of drugs.

I take Abilify and Trilafon currently.


Im on a low dose of Risperdal now, Im doing ok, but cant really raise it higher than 2mg or Ill get unwanted side effects from it. I was on Abilify for many years, it was not so great for me, but helped a lot with depression and was a good med for physical issues. I here good things about Trilafon - I think the generic is called Perphenazine? Am I right?


Yep, that’s the generic. I think the combination of Abilify and another anti-psychotic is pretty good.


When i was put on risperdal i was drooling, now my body is used to, i don’t drool anymore.