The drooling is insane

I started clozapine about a week ago and it has started to make me drool in my sleep but last night was ridiculous. I woke up to go to the bathroom not only was my pillow saturated but when I turned on the light and saw myself in the mirror half of my pyjama singlet was saturated as well. So the drool must have come out of my mouth slivered down my neck and wet my clothes. That is insane. My doctor prescribed me some drops but they haven’t come into the hospital yet.


I also drool on clozapine. I use 1% atropine opthalmic solution drops under my tongue before bed… sometimes I wake up with dry mouth but it’s a lot better than having it stream down my cheek or choking on it while asleep. It’s really made a big difference! Hope it helps you, too…

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Sorry you get so much saliva. They might increase my clozapine to 300mg and I’m worried about saliva increasing. I have a little extra saliva at night but I usually don’t drool.

The drops help me out too. :shark::shark::shark:

I also drool on clozapine. My pillow gets wets a lot, but it dries out, after a while. I am use to it. I take 500 mg.



Know how you feel! I also drool on Clozapine. I have a special pillow slip that absorbs the excess saliva. I’ve also had the atropine drops and they worked fairly well.

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yea i drool too on clozapine… don’t take anything for it though.

I drool on clozapine too.
Some days less than others,
but always some quantity of saliva
on the pillow

I drooled more on 20mg Abilify than 6mg Risperdal.

I drooled a lot during bed time on Abilify

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I’m sorry you have to deal with that. I know you how you feel, I have the opposite. I have such a terrible dry mouth every night. I’m on pilocarpine at night now which makes you produce saliva but side effect is sweating and watery eyes. wake up totally sweating a lot. we always have something to deal with right? lol

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Yea I rarely drool on Risperdal and its only a tiny bit compared to Abilify.

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