Drooling difficulty

How many of you here have trouble with drooling? If so, what do take for it?

When I was on clozapine I drooled loads. My doc gave me a pill which stopped this overnight. Can’t remember the name of it though - had a really long chemically sounding name.

Could it have been Benzotrophine?

It might have been. Sorry can’t say for sure.

Do you still experience drooling or did it go away once you quit clozapine?

Looking online I think the med I got was trihexyphenidyl. But you would need to speak to a doctor about that.

Yeah my drooling stopped when I came off the clozapine.

If the nighttime drooling is getting real bad as would speak to a doc before stopping the clozapine. Things can be done about the side-effects.

Actually I am on haldol.