Drivers License refused again

My pdoc has a lot to answer for stopping me driving since July 2017.

He said he’d give it back, but I just got a letter from the driving people yet again saying they refuse my driving.

I am so angry that i cannot drive. I thought this was going to be the time they said yes.

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What a sad story :confused:

How could they rob u of your freedom

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I’d be angry too. Are you hallucinating a lot? Maybe it’s not safe for you to drive yet.

That’s rough. It doesn’t seem fair.

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I know. The annoying thing is I am not affected as bad as I used to be. I don’t care about hallucinations or symptoms anymore. I have been allowed to drive in the past in a far worse state but this doctor is really screwing with me.

I am working and if I can manage that I think driving would be ok.

I wouldn’t drive if I didn’t think it was safe but I am not being trusted to make that call

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I am applying for a free bus pass as I don’t see this going anywhere now :frowning:

Good idea. Can you get a different pdoc who might let you get it again?

probably not unless I pay a lot of money.

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Where do you live that this is going on?

That sucks @Joker

England 1515151515

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I would get another Psychiatrist…

Fuuck that

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This is one of the reasons it took me so long to get my driver’s license. Yet I see normal people texting while driving, applying makeup while driving, eating while driving, etc. I think most of them are more dangerous drivers than I am.

It is a huge part of freedom being able to hop in a car and drive anywhere you want to go whenever you feel like it. Now, I just need to get a car and insurance, and I am saving up for that.

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