Drigger warning im psychotic

I just saw a three meter tall dead ufo walking passed my balcony. It was made of light and it only had the membrane no inner core…it was like a human but much much taller. It seemed to be wondering not knowing where to go. It seemed to be dead deffinately.

The dead ufos are the paralel universe right on our planet.


Sorry you are dealing with this :disappointed: It is good you know you are ill. I hope you can get a med adjustment or something soon and things will calm down!!


Yes visual hallucinations suck…they are scary


Are you comfortable talking about this with your therapist or pdoc?

The thing is my mind recovers really fast cause i just take one more pill in addition to my regular dose …so often times im totally fine by the time i get to.my doc.

Or maybe you’re schizophrenic.


Ssshhhh, we aren’t supposed to talk about it. We are just crazies.

I didn’t teleport four blocks and make love to three spirits\aliens and then get taken on an inner journey through the histories of Earth and existence.

I live in the valley of the crescent moon, oddly shaped as a man’s widowspeak and also as an eclipse as the moon moves over the sun. Life is strange, much stranger than it was.

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