Have you ever seen a hallucination of aliens?

Or industrial ‘matrix’ tubs?

I saw a glowing white human figure crying looking asian was dark.

Yes, twice. Bizarre larva-like creatures sounding my bedroom with their ‘intelligent’ tentacles.

I’ve seen some buzzing hovering shadowy creature before.
I used to see a lot of colored swirling tornadoes in my house. Green red and purple

I saw an alien space craft clear as day fly right near me and then disappear into a portal haha

I haven’t seen it but I thought someone was possessed by an alien.

I’ve never hallucinated an alien, but I do have a very elaborate delusional system about them.

I’ve seen aliens and spaceships. One huge like in a movie. But I think it was more in the western US.

I had constant alien hallucinations when I was floridly psychotic. I’m at the point where visual are gone and I’ve got residual auditory when I’m under stress and my meds aren’t covering everything.

I have seen 3 see-through alien space ships flying in the sky

I have seen Jesus. Is he an alien lol?

Yes, Ive seen visual hallucinations of aliens late at night in the dark.

Little alien men climbing all over my legs and I freaked out and screamed…I’ve only seen them two more times after that

When I see white smoky figures I assume its someone doing out of body.

When I saw them they were see through like predator when they were teleporting it was like a hard to explain quantum physics phenomena, maybe it was just a alien robot reconfiguring itself lots of moving parts almost invisible lots of small moving parts like a liquid stream boiling but instead of bubbles it was squares moving around until it finished then it was able to move around and was almost like a robotic dog. The others were large and came in first the last one seemed to be living and teleported in the brain surgery unit that was super large and moved around like the head of the flight of the navigator and repaired my brain although I got schizophrenic after that happened.

No. I see humans.

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? you should only see blue skies, sun, trees, animals, humans, stars, moon, clouds. No aliens. They dont exist. Are you alright man.

I actually thought I was seeing a ghost or angel it looked like pure white light.

You never know aliens might exist. Look how small we are in our own galaxy then look at all the galaxys in the universe you couldnt count them all thats how small we are.

Earth is just one out of billion stars and planets ---- what are the odds only one out of billions can support life?

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