Dreams - A Window into the Spirit World?

I have always wondered about our Dreams.

I had a Dream a couple of nights ago, where my dead Uncle came to me in the Dream, he was Happy to see me and wondered how I was doing - it was so lucid and real.

I reached out to him and hugged him, it was very moving.

Our Dreams are so strange - I have just been trying to make sense out of it all.

Are our dreams a window into another plane?

So strange…


Some dreams are and some are not.

Sometimes they make it very very very very very clear that they are with you in your dreams. They can mess with the dreaming apparati in our brains.

Some dreams are just normal things though. Usually only containing things you have experienced already.

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I think of this aswell. Different dimensions and all of that. Maybe, maybe not. It’s interesting though.

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Tht sounds like a pretty good dream,ive had dreams where I was in a place (presumably) purgetory…now those are some bad dreams.

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By definition a dream is an different state of consciousness and traditionally these states and other states have been called spiritual by almost every culture on earth. In essence what spiritual means is “non-physical” or “material” conscious experience. They involve the mind and consciousness, not the body (which is essentially lying in state like it would be if dead, paralyzed, unmoving in one position) so dreaming, by traditional definition, is spiritual. Humanity has long viewed sleeping as a feign death or death like state.

Now some dreams may have great meaning, others may mean nothing at all, some may be your mind working in a virtual environment designed for that problem to be worked out. What the dream is about does not make it spiritual, what makes it spiritual is that it is a state of consciousness that has little to do with your environment materially.

Tibetan Buddhism has a lot to say about dreams in a scientific way from 2,500 years of research into the state of consciousness. They have practices that range from lucid (knowing it is a dream) dreaming to using it as a contemplative state or investigation toward a deeper understanding of the psyche. Their techniques are extremely beneficial (if understood properly) and implemented correctly. These techniques are also useful in another state of consciousness called “Psychosis”.

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For me it’s the state we’re in between dream and waking where spirits have most likely contacted me since I was young and in touch and haunted by such things…and yes I believe my uncle tried to contact me after his death. I was asleep on pills in the middle of the day when I heard a voice as clear as day…saying my name. I fear I fell back asleep…but to this day know it was him.

What would I have said if I’d been coherent…it was just before my world went insane…another regret among many?

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Yes that state (and all liminal or inbetween states) are highly valued in traditional cultures. Liminality (even when it concerns gender or sexuality) is a sign of shamanic talent in many traditional cultures and many times people that experience them become shamans for their tribe.

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i had a dream i won the lotto 3 times


Dreams are the ways our subconscious deals with conflicts, traumas or forbidden desires.

I’m all Freudian when it comes to dreams.


i told a lie in a dream, in the dream i said to my nanny, god said i was going to win the lotto, but really god didnt hehe

my nanny passed away 10 year ago

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I think they are sometimes, but most of the time they are just dreams.


I used to think they were glimpses of our past lives

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i used to dream of my grandparents after they passed away…in one dream my nan gave me a brooch…it was an antique from a glass case in a type of market place…it wasn;t something i wouldve picked for myself. it was black and diamond shaped wth black stones sort of art deco or something like that…when i woke i was touched that she;d given it to me. she;d told me in the dream that she was givng it to me now (summer i think) because she wouldn;t be there at christmas anymore. my nan loved christmas and always got me great presents…who knows, maybe it was my wishful thinking or maybe she really did visit me…i guess i wont know till i get there. i have dreamt of my other grandparents maybe once…my nanna told me one time to tidy my house…i woke up deeply ashamed of my shitpit of a house…who knows if they were real contacts

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i had a dream of a lobster last night, so i google it

To see a lobster in your dream represents strength and persistence. You will hold your own ground and overcome minor difficulties and problems.

To dream that you are eating lobster indicates that you will regain your confidence.

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Last night I dreamed I was going to join the mafia as an informant, but they wouldn’t give me any money to finance my mafia lifestyle. One of my old high school buddies was in this mafia. I was saying - how can I be a mafia informant if I can’t pay to sit around in bars and drink with the mafia? Then both my dead parents came and were going to take me to some kind of mafia party. I was saying “this sucks”.


Dreams are doorways to the spiritual realm but its mostly what you come in contact with. Whether it be angels or demons or even spirits each dream holds a purpose. At least fore it does.

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  1. dreams are the human mind…working out problems.
    it is no different to a computer being given a simple equation :computer: …it thinks for a bit…then produces the answer. :bulb:
  2. then there is the altogether different phenomenon…perhaps connecting with an alternate reality…i.e astral travel…or out of body experiences. :ghost:
    take care :alien:

Had an unusual conversation with a spiritual person on FB who I never met. We were talking and I mentioned the nightmares and said I didn’t know why. She said it has something to do with a cup. The cup that I smashed, lol, that was a family heirloom. I asked her to ask my elatives to understand and forgive me. She said they were doing that and sending hugs, and going to the light. Those nightmares have not returned.

Dreams are very foretelling. It is the gateway to the unconscious insight- the bridge between the soul and the body IMO. It is a way to understand ourselves. I have had the same dream over and over I even know when it will happen.

The dream is about a Japanese spy who enters an elevator shaft in NYC as they lay bombs underground, the elevator goes up and down—she released the nuclear H bomb in February 2016. She opened a box full of hydrogen gas which was not detectable and then as the compressed space changed elevation it reacted with the friction, and blew up the subway systems and the Manhattan bridge, and I have had this dream over and over again since 2012.

Also believe Trump already bought the election. The “race-war” mexicans do not build a big wall, they build a pathetic fence and there is racial targeting.

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