Can the dead talk to you in your dreams?

I’m mean this question more from a christian perspective. But not a right wing conservative perspective since some of those people would say i just hear evil spirits when i hallucinate. I mean it from a more middle of the road perspective. Do the dead talk to you in your dreams or is it just a dream?? Any thoughts??

Yes, spirits can inspire dreams.

They can also inspire nde’s, obe’s, what appears to be astral travel, and abduction experiences.

They can basically inspire a very real appearing experience in our minds, like virtual reality without the goggles.

Unfortunately they can also do this while we are awake, which i have had happend to me, i would have thought that i was crazy to if there had not been a witch right in front of me who after making this happen yelled at me that he was a witch. I would have just thought that it was a hallucination.

Only spirits though can do these things, well i don’t know if they have the technology yet so i guess that i can’t say that, it’s quite possible that they may find these technologies.

The dead though cannot do these things.

This one is an interesting thing to ponder. I’ve had dreams about the departed from my life. There have been a few where I have a dream about someone saying good bye to me and I find out a month later they passed away.
That always makes me wonder.

I’ve had one just recently that I’m trying to figure. (in lucid town) When I was a younger man, I fell very much in love with a girl who could do as much drugs and drink as hard as I could. I stopped and got sober and quit doing drugs, so she left me. I was really upset about that. It was NOT an easy time for me or my family. I would have gone back to drugs if she said she would come back to me. But there was a lot of ugly arguments, name calling, hurt… she broke into my apartment once and stole some money and left a huge bottle of whiskey.

I found out a few months ago, she over dosed. She showed up in a random dream and apologized for everything and in the dream said she wished she would have tried to give up the drugs and drinking. She wished she hadn’t done it.

I’m trying to figure, did she visit me in a dream? Or did I dream her with the words I really wished I could hear?

I have an uncle i was really close to growing up. He was sick and a diabetic all is life. The last year before he passed i wasn’t well or myself. I’ve felt a lot of guilt that i wasn’t there for him like i wish i would have been if i was well. I felt that they were disappointed in me that year a lot. I know they didn’t understand what i was going through because i didn’t tell them. I have a relative overseas in afghanistan that has vivid dreams with him in it. He really looked up to the military. I’ve dreamt twice about him too.

Yes. I had a dream that my grandfather who I am named after came across me in a utopia. He was an MD, a surgeon, and had been a Lieutenant in the Army. I still have his custom lighter and flask with our initials on it. He just gave me this look like he knew me like an old friend and told me he loved me. I felt like it symbolized a common path, to help others. I want to be a psychologist, a health professional like him. It was very peaceful and I felt like he knew my story and was proud of me. He gave me this “chin up” gesture which I give everyone.

I am an atheist but dreams like these still hold meaning to me. It felt like I finally met him, but he died when I was very young and I hardly remember him.

I don’t know is the honest answer. I’ve had dreams about my dead husband and my grandmother. How real they were though I don’t know. Could it been wishful thinking on my part or was it really communicating with departed family. I just don’t know. I wish I did. But then why not give me useful information like next weeks lottery numbers. Lol

some of my dead ralatives have talked to me in my dreams

they talk to me awake and asleep i find it comforting.
take care

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