Had a dream

does anybody else believe that people can communicate with us through dreams even though they are not here anymore?

i dreamt my dad and i went to a train station and i was a bit slow and he got on the train first but the doors closed and i could not get on, in my dream i remember being upset and worried but i thought it would be ok because i could always get him at the next stop and then i thought it was a bit like life really, its a journey and sometimes people leave too soon and you just have to wait for the next train, my dad would be worried about me if that happened and upset himself, he didn’t mean to get on that train so soon but it happened, i think he sent me this message, he always knew what to say and when to say it.

I know you miss your dad and I mean no disrespect to his memory but I don’t believe that dreams are anything more than the brain reorganizing memory or that there is life after death.

I made friends with a local kid around 4 years old i think. His mum and my mum became friends. Our friendship turned a bit sour but our parents keep friends We where still in many classes together at school and our families keep the friendship, visiting often etc when they moved. Anyway he got hit by a train and died when I was 16.

Since then I’ve had dreams of his sudden reappearance. Not so much a recurring dream though. Always I mention he’s dead and always a awkward response and we carry on like nothing ever happened acting like best of friends. There is/was a lot of unresolved issues from the friendship and I know the dreams have helped me deal with the unresolved issues. Unlike most of dreams there is a very spiritual feeling to it. I wonder often if he has come back from the dead or just my mind trying to heal from it all.

I was just thinking about the category of this thread. I’m usually very big on moving posts into the “Unusual Beliefs” section but in this case I don’t know if it’s really necessary. The ideas of dreams having meaning and of life after death are so common amongst all peoples and cultures that it isn’t really unusual.

I’m not saying I believe it but many do. It’s fine that you put this thread in this section, there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think sometimes we all, myself included, go overboard with the idea that our thoughts are unusual. If you want to move it to diagnosed, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Thinking on it more I often use this site to analyze my dreams http://www.dreammoods.com/

It also gives me anther chance to convey my condolences. I am very sorry for the loss of your Father.

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I personally believe in reincarnation and I just feel that when someone leaves this life, they move on and get ready for the next life.

I don’t believe that spirits stick around. A lot of people I’ve met in life mention having loved ones say a final good bye through dreams… I think that’s the person themselves becoming a little more Ok with letting go of who they lost. I see it as a stage of grief processing.

My sis on the other hand is a very firm believer that people from the other side of the veil will try and contact loved ones… sort of make sure all is well before moving on.

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the reason i put it here was because i thought my dad was trying to tell me something (not to worry) because i will see him again when i get to that place where he is, i can’t wait for that day to be honest.
he was so brave when he was near the end, he is my hero.

i don’t know if i would say that getting messages from beyond the grave was something that happened a lot, maybe it is, but it just gave me some comfort to think that and it is probably the only type of belief that is not a symptom of my psychosis that i don’t want to have any doubts about and maybe that is unusual.

I know we can be communicated with in dreams but don’t think it’s from the dead.

Entire dreams can be concocted within us by others and very realistic experiences can also occur within the mind while asleep or awake.

you obviously wouldn’t get a dream from any random spirits because the link has to be so strong, blood links and a bond that cannot be broken, i wonder if my mum has had any dreams like that.