Dream dictionary

I managed to record my dream last night, It started with Aliens and trying to escape an alien occupation, then it morphed into Gangsters taking over a spaceship and ended with me trying to fix the computer of the ship.

so i looked in my dream dictionary, Aliens, Spaceship/space, Gangs, Fighting and Computer, its very interesting but at the same time i dont really care.

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I dreamt of my high school crush.
She kissed me thrice

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Nice that you are recording your dreams.

I dreamt that all westerners, and me as well, were going to hell for having to many things and exploiting the poor. It was a nightmare. I had a discussion last night over needing or not needing many things. I guess this is what my mind made of it.


I only record my dreams some times,

My head has been swimming with thoughts of social collapse and things like that as well, too many thoughts all mixed up in my head, its on overload, but luckily my neighbour helped me and we went out for a drink at the stables. watched the horses outside.

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Yesterday i had a nice dream about my dad in a campervan, he was telling me to be careful and to watch myself, its nice to see my dad in dreams as he is no longer alive and its like he still has influence in my life.

Today i had a dream about a pub with different people in it and it turned into like a gangsters feud type thing, it was a bit like a soap opera like corrie or easties.

My last dream i got $140000. That was my last dream. I haven’t dreamed lately.

I took care of many children in my life, but i don’t want or need children for myself, i noticed they don’t have a switch off button. It would be mentally to exhausting for me.