Voices coming back..new job

Almost two weeks off Latuda cold turkey things have been good. Except at night last days I hear some muffled voices I can’t make out but I tell myself it’s just me thinking to myself and it went away.

I built my courage and got a job this morning from a staffing agency. I should be happy but I’m more down than before, worring I won’t be able to perform the job well or i might weird out around others.

Right now I know I’m only hearing negative self talk or broadcasting because I stressed myself so much and haven’t slept but 3 hours last night I was so excited to go apply for the job.

How do I be brave enough to fight and take control back and just do the job? I can’t take going through more interviews and my disability is currently processing. This job will be sometimes 12 hour days when the ad said 6am-2:30pm but I accepted anyway. Job is temp to hire, building chairs in warehouse for schools. All the guys I saw there looked beat down and overworked. I just want to work hard to take my mind off all my stresses so I thought this could be good for me.

I just don’t wanna fail and go back into a dark place feeling alone again. Please help!


If you don’t wanna fail, go back on your meds. And if you’re serious about stopping them, work out a slow weaning plan with your doctor.

It honestly sounds like you’re relapsing.


Congrats and kudos for taking a step into recovery with a job! Some words of advice (based on experience): -don’t lead with your illness! You may feel tempted to tell someone, a co-worker, a supervisor -make sure you hold off until your established at the job. -get plenty of rest. We sz people sleep lots and your early morning job requires you to go to bed earlier, make sure you comply to your mind+body needs. and try and take more rest breaks on the job, if possible. -practice your deep breathing if you get stressed.

I work in sales, more of a cerebral job, building furniture takes more effort and detail. If others looked overworked and beat down, do the opposite! Remember that you are beating the odds and that you’ll be rewarded with more coin in your pocket. Good luck @mankid!

And yes, if you’re not med-compliant, get back on the horse!


Yep I think I might be relapsing I guess it wasn’t just quitting the weed, I know for sure now I do have voices without any substances unfortunately. I’m going to take my Latuda tonight, it regulated my sleep well I just felt like I could never sleep enough on it.

This really helped thank you @gene
I start Thursday I’m going to keep an open mind and try not to stress on it.

Talk with your doctor. Generally, for drug induced psychosis, they recommend you stay on your meds for a year and a half with no symptoms before slowly weaning you off. Otherwise, you risk rebound psychosis from the stress of withdrawal or from quitting meds before your brain could fully heal. When this happens, you’re at an increased risk for developing a permanent psychotic disorder.


I only gave the Latuda one month and felt ok slowly, I don’t know why I thought I’d feel better off it. I have to some extent but my behavior is off for sure. Better to be safe
You’re awesome thank you @ninjastar

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