Dr. zen needs your help

you get to help pick the medicine that they’re going to put me on and here are the choices Rexulti Vraylar or other. the problem is that my old medicine I have been on for 15 years, maybe longer with the research studies, now I have high sugar levels and high triglycerides and is wrecking my health I need to find one that doesn’t effect these 2 levels but still runs in the same class as abilify it is very important to me that the choices I make as I am an older person and have plenty at stake to losein the next 3 weeks I will be going under for a procedure on my gall bladder afterwards ill b changing medication on an out patient basis with home health care it will b critical at that point to see if I can adjust to the new medication I hope I don’t get to fruity on you all. here is the poll…[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3]

  • 1 Rexulti
  • 2 Vraylar
  • 3 other
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Oh gosh I don’t know those two meds effects of folks. I just hope that some pdoc takes their time with you and Rx’s you what is best for you!

Good luck on this, I wish you the best!



I don’t know if that will help, but it’s a comparison.
Best wishes, @TheGreatestDrZen. That must be stressful to have so much going on. :heart:

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My vote is vraylar. Have you looked into latuda?

I voted other, because I haven’t heard much about the other two.

Here is some info on Vraylar.


I am not familiar with those medicines.

Hope you will find a good one for you.

@TheGreatestDrZen I really hope that you start feeling better soon.
I would start choosing an AP with your doctor and take it from there.
Both Vraylar and Rexulti are partial dopamine agonists.
They are similar.

Don’t know much about it but @AmateurUnlicensedQuack swears by rexulti if memory serves. Half his posts seem to be about it.

@TheGreatestDrZen Ask your pdoc to go over the pros and cons of the med choices with you. Then make a decision which med to try.

It’s really good that you’re being so proactive about researching and selecting a new med. I hope it all gets sorted out for you. Take care!

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