Just got my Doxycycline from the pharmacy starting tonight


My pdoc prescribed 100 mg once daily

im taking Abilify maintena 400 mg, Nobiten 5 mg (half a pill), clonazepam 1 mg twice daily, CBD low dose, and now doxycycline 100 mg, im scared im taking too much and i will get bad reaction tonight. but my pdoc sais im good to go and ive read the CBD will counteract jarish herx heimer reactions from the bacteria die off

if i react to this anti biotic i know i have some tic lyme infection of some sort, i hope i survive this treatment and get better :expressionless:


Good good…!!! U looking good in ur profile picture… jeroen rocks…!!!


Now im the sexiest man alive lol :slight_smile: not you anymore

just kidding i cannot beat you :smiley:


Cool i accept it…!!! Haha u are tuff to beat…!!!


I decline lol :slight_smile:


What are u doing jeroen … i am having a glass of tea…


im having a conversation with the sexiest man alive :stuck_out_tongue:

just resting and preparing for my anti biotic treatment i hope all be fine and i dont end up calling 911


Get well soon…!!! No need to call 911… are u suicidal…!!!


no im not

but some meds against lyme schizophrenia ■■■■ can cause this


Do u still have lyme…!!! U said y got cured…!!! Right .


you got to be kidding me far_cry


U need to see ur doc jeroen…!!! U can update after it…!!!


Doxycycline therapy started


What’s doxycycline?


A tetracycline anti biotic. Used for infections and lyme disease associated with schizophrenia also


If i react to this anti biotic. Clears up psychosis in 3 days im Pretty sure i have it then

Ill Let you guys know for sure if im good again after decade. Thanks


Id like to become a Pro music producer


Hi friends. Day 1 on doxy

I need to rest. But im ok for moment


Update its okay best of luck…!!!