Down to 1 cup of coffee a day, feel much better

I’m obviously a very slow metaboliser of coffee.

Even 3 cups a day was making me feel like I was going through torture when I woke up.

1 cup a day seems to be the sweet spot for me. If I don’t drink any coffee I feel incredibly bored.

I’d encourage anyone to cut down to see what effect it has, as an experiment for themselves.


I drink 2-8 cups a day.

But that’s cuz I gave up soda.

Though I was tempted to go buy a 12er of Coke Zero today. But I resisted.


Depending on the day I drink anywhere from none to like ten cups. I’m all over the place. But caffeine has almost no affect on me.

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I’m glad you feel better. I don’t feel good from too much coffee either.

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Glad your feeling better with one cup @everhopeful

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I only drink three cups a day and I feel fine.

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Good on you dude! I agree with evaluation of caffeine intake for everyone. Glad you found a good medium.

I’ve given up coffee, but I can’t seem to kick that first cup of breakfast tea. Most the time I drink rooibos, or my sleepy time tea at nights.

Still love coffee flavoring, just do better off it.

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